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MGS3 is the worst Metal Gear Solid game.

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God yes. MGS1 is one of my favorite games of all time. Dan + Drew going through it would be magical.

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Request sent. Name = Zornack

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PS4 for sure. I have both consoles but even if they are the same graphics/performance wise I know more people on PSN than XBL at this point and I prefer the controller.

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I really enjoyed the stream but I wish Brad had interacted with the crew a bit more.

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Mayo is better than Ketchup but Ketchup is much, much more versatile, so I'm saying Ketchup.

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Which video is that screen cap from? I wan't to rewatch it, it was great.

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I beat it the other day on 3DS. It's great. Looks great, controls great and sounds great. I do think the balance is a bit whacked, though. You get way too much health way too quickly which trivializes combat too early in the game. By the third boss I could pretty much just tank and spam attack and I'd be in no danger of dying. I would have preferred a difficulty curve which forced me to dodge more.

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@wolfgame: I think Jeff said something about a possible Thursday stream during a mixlr broadcast? Not sure.