My 7 favorite indie games of 2012

Pretty much every game on this list I chose because yes, they were some of the most memorable experiences in games I had in 2012, but also because of the atmosphere that they produce, the aesthetics found within and each game's unique visual style. All of these 6 games are very different, yet they are tied together by the fact that they are interesting, unique, and above all fun to play. Some of the games, Dear Esther for example, give a sense of unease to the player, making them feel like something just isn't quite right, while never saying it outright. The game isn't scary, it's just rather unsettling and sort of ominous. While in contrast Lone Survivor is suprisingly disturbing, due in part to it's sound design (jesus those monsters sound scary) and it's cool visual style and representation of the slow but apparent decay of the main character's sanity (shown through visual tricks such as seeing double of things and screen flickers etc). Botanicula and Fez bring about a sense of wonderment, joy, and discovery as you journey through the fantastic worlds presented in them. Spelunky takes the exploration and excitement in discovery found in Botanicula and Fez and combines it with the extreme difficulty of FTL: Faster than Light and Hotline Miami, making for an enjoyable and challenging experience.

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