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Questionable physics hold back this loving tribute to pinball 12

I'm a pinhead, an absolute fanatic for all things pinball. I have the good fortune to not only live in a city where pinball is still alive and well, but also to have the privilege of owning and maintaining my own personal collection of pinball machines from pinball's illustrious decade of the 1990's.The folks at Farsight are in large part responsible for getting me into the hobby. Sure, I had a chance to play the silver ball with some frequency growing up, but after the industry declined in the ...

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Heavy on self-adulation, painfully short on gameplay. 1

  Indie developer Twisted Pixel has made quite an impact upon the XBLA scene, showing early promise with the underrated 2009 downloadable title The Maw, and rocketing to superstardom with last summer’s excellent ‘Splosion Man.   ‘Splosion Man in particular was noteworthy for mixing excellent and inventive gameplay with a depraved and wickedly delirious sense of humor.   This, combined with pitch-perfect challenge that followed a punishing--yet fair--learning curve, made for one of the be...

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Strategic squad-based action makes for a fantastic experience. 0

Let’s just get this out of the way: Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway is, hands-down, the best WWII game of this console generation… period.  Continuing the tale of the 101st Airborne Division, Hell’s Highway recounts the 101st Division’s role in the ultimately unsuccessful Market Garden campaign.   Once again, players assume the role of Sergeant Matt Baker as he leads his squad through setpiece battles across the Dutch countryside in an ill-conceived attempt to push on further to German soil.The...

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Full of unrealized potential, Eat Lead disappoints on many fronts 0

Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard is a game that should have been better.  Despite excellent voice talent, a (mostly) humorous script, and writers who are obviously passionate about games, Eat Lead is a jangled mess of a game that falls victim to many of the foibles and clichés it seeks to parody.Eat Lead focuses on the latest exploits of 80’s video game superstar, Matt Hazard.  Once the hottest commodity in the video game world, Hazard has faded into relative obscurity, buoyed only by a lifet...

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