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@michael_katarn: I'll admit that it's pricey - though it's on par with your average Broadway show, if not a bit cheaper - but when you see just how sprawling and detailed it is, it makes sense that they need to charge a bit for this, it must be a ridiculous amount of money to put on each night and keep it all maintained.

Not sure what you mean about being controlled by another person though? If anything, you have ultimate freedom in the space. If you simply want to find the bed of one of the characters and sleep, no one will stop you. If you want to eat food off of a plate you find (there's real food used in the show) no one will stop you. The only thing about being "controlled" is that you might get picked by a character for a "one-on-one" scene where they take you to a part of the show that no one else gets to see, but it's not like they force you, more they invite you and you should go because it's going to be undoubtedly rad.

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Lots of great recs here that I won't bother repeating, but if you can deal with a bit of weird and want a cool cultural experience I'd highly suggest getting tickets to Sleep No More

It's an interactive theater thing that's based off of Macbeth, but you experience it by exploring a 5 story building that is as close to being in Bioshock's Rapture as you're likely to experience. I can not recommend it highly enough. It's filled with violence and nudity and actors who won't hesitate to bring you into the action - it's like nothing else that I've ever done!

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Yeah, it works really well. I wound up using it today to do a bunch of side activities in Assassins Creed 4 while watching football. It gets a little spotty if I take it upstairs, but on the main floor of my house it's pretty fantastic.

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@boocreepyfootdoctor: I watched the HD version of the Quick Look as I was playing the same section in the game and while it's not worlds apart, it's definitely better. The biggest thing is that the foliage from the next gen version is completely different, far more dense and reacts to the character. Also, weather effects are insane - the game might have the best storms I've ever encountered in a game.

That said, Killzone Shadowfall looks way more "next gen" but I'm having a lot more fun with AC4.

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With PS4 out and Xbox One next week, maybe we should start a place to share screenshots, since this new generation makes it so simple? Here are a few of AC4: Black Flag to get us started.

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So, it looks like the trailer hints that Libertatia will be the focus of the story -


Libertatia (also known as Libertalia) was a possibly fictional anarchist colony founded in the late 17th century in Madagascar by pirates under the leadership of Captain James Misson. Whether or not Libertatia actually existed is disputed. It is described in the book A General History of the Pyrates by Captain Charles Johnson, an otherwise unknown individual who may have been a pseudonym of Daniel Defoe.[1] Much of the book is a mixture of fact and fiction, and it is possible the account of Libertatia is entirely fabricated.[1]

Their motto was "For God and Liberty" as seen in the trailer and the trailer highlights the island off of Madagascar where it was located.

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This happened to me as well and it worked after I restarted the 360. That said, there are reports of the game not functioning well on 20gb HDs, so maybe take a look here?

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In terms of what I've played/what I'm excited to play, probably no. My favorite games of the year so far are:

  1. Year Walk
  2. Brothers
  3. Bioshock Infinite
  4. Gone Home
  5. Hotline Miami (Vita) - I'm counting this as a 2013 release.
  6. Kentucky Route Zero
  7. Tomb Raider

I've had others I've enjoyed - and I've spent a lot of 2013 wrapping up this generation of games by playing things I missed. I assume fall will bring a few more, but I'll be shocked if Brothers gets knocked off that list.