Epic nostalgia

A week ago I installed Need for Speed Underground, (being a child of the early 90's I was the perfect target audience for the game, and it was one of the first I played on my own gaming PC(Nvidia 5200 FTW)) I played it for about 3 hours until the early hours of the morning, it was one of the best gaming experiences I've had in months. The game itself is horrible, it has cheesy cutscenes that are so bad they are good, the controls are janky and the environments all look the same, but damn, I couldn't stop playing. 
Tonight I installed Jazz Jackrabbit 2, and played through 3/4 of the game in one sitting. The music, level design and weapons are just amazing. If there was one game I'd like to see on the XBLA it's that. It's kind of like Sonic, Mario and Mega Man all rolled into one. 
So in the last week I have discovered the glorious world of nostalgia, and if you haven't played that classic game from your childhood recently go do it, it brings back great memories.