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It's a shame all of the ww2 games got burnt through there by the Medal of Honour and Call of Duty series. I would be interested to see what a larger scope game in that setting looks like in 2015. The last big budget one I can think of is Call of Duty World at War and that was 2008.

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You really don't need to spend $2000 to get a computer that will demolish any game. You can buy all of the basics [Case, motherboard, PSU, CPU and RAM] on the low end and then upgrade as you go. If you buy second hand stuff then you can get some real deals.

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I think this game has a lot of potential for people to make their own stories in the world. I think coming at it from the standard single player perspective of "give me something to do" made me a bit bored of it. I'm waiting for a friend to get it, I hope they patch in some good co op mechanics for missions.

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Elite: Dangerous/Elite: Dangerous. It basically owns me at this point

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I really like Patrick. I hope he is replaced by someone who keeps an eye on a lot of issues in the gaming community at large like he did with his talks on internet abuse. I love the other guys but they are too quiet on that stuff for the most part.

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Is this Adam Boyes working his Capcom connections or Japan not giving a shit about the Xbox One?

Or just some timed exclusive to counter MS' Tomb Raider deal?

Why do I give a shit? What am I doing with my life?

that's a great question i was just thinking that myself.

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@t0ffe said:

Hamilton isn't running away with it like we're used to seeing.

Without Rosberg he has no serious competition, he is going slowly to look after the car.

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Rosberg just did what Hamilton did at Fuji in 2008! Hamilton was lucky enough to get into an incident with his championship rival that day so he didn't lose very much, but I think this is where the championship battle dies.

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I've been semi interested in football all of my life, but recently I've noticed all of the bullshit. The higher ups that run FIFA have decided that the flow of the game is worth maintaining at the cost of the decisions made by the officials being wrong 1/3 of the time. I think that's dumb.

I think Football is really special though. It's been played professionally for something like 150 years and is so simple to play, every nation in the world has a chance of being decent. Every kid in the world with a ball can play. It's why in England it's the most culturally inclusive national team of any major sport. I just wish they would sort the game out because it could be so much greater than it is.