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I want Will, Norm and Ana to drop by and bring up minecraft. A lot.

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@zameer said:
" @zudthespud: Your prayers are answered! Today's deals are not bad. I hate living in Asia, GTA deal is region locked for me. What is it? "
Regarding NFS, Amazon UK has it on disc for a few quid cheaper so I'm going to order it there. I'd check the US store.
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This only annoys me when they write English (US) but don't put the proper version there. When you spend as much time on the internet as I do, you have to convert things back into the 19th century for Americans regularly, so a flag is the least of my inconveniences. It's still dumb though.

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I'm getting to the point where I doubt Oblivion will go on sale at all...  
Really pleased with the games I've picked up so far, the best two being Mirrors Edge and FEAR 2. I'm about 3 hours into Mirrors Edge and I'm still waiting for the part where it becomes a 3* game. I'm thinking maybe it gets repetitive, but I'm having a blast so far. FEAR 2 is intense, scares the hell out of me every two minutes, and the shooting feels great too. 

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I keep lagging out.. might try and find my way back to my tower and the trollface, but now we're back to the base game without mods then I like to dig underground.

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The inhibition of one race is better than the destruction of every other. 
pro genophage.

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phew, 2 days in a row without wanting anything... starting to not fear my bank balance again.

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come on, oblivion has to be today!

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I just accidentaly Mirrors Edge. 
Not accidental actually, I promised myself I'd get that if it went on sale. 
Still no oblivion though, not happy...

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I want to see the enemies stay at the same difficulty as you level up. It made levelling feel futile when every level I gain more hp and other stats, but the enemies do more damage and have more health. It's just pointless. I beat Oblivion at level 7 or something like that.