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Whiskeyquest was amazing. I love the end aswell. 

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Nothing intetrests me in today's deals, I'll keep waiting on Oblivion. 
Saints Row 2 would be tempting, but I've bought a lot of third person action games recently.

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That does seem really weird, my PC bottlenecked Bad Company 2 and both cores of my processor were maxed out all of the time. My next guess would be an optimisation issue, make sure you have all of the latest drivers installed. Aside from that I'm clueless.

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My first thought was maybe your processor was a bottleneck, I get a similar thing with Bad Company 2, but if you said you can run that and crysis ok then I am not sure. Check the usage of your processor anyway, just in case. 

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As far back as my family tree goes, it doesn't trace much further than a century back, I think 5 generations on my fathers side. My last name is common on both sides of my family. I'm 1/8 Scottish, meaning one of my great grandparents were Scottish, but apart from that all of my family as far back as it is traceable were English. 
Also, username with spud represent.

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This is like when Glenn Beck said he wasn't against gay marriage, he's right of course but he's still one of the biggest asshats in the world. 
The reason weed should be legal is because of the harm it does to communities when it is illegal. Mexico is in this huge drug war it can't win because the US government is so stubborn about it. If they legalised Marijuana, the government could tax it, the gangs would lose their source of income and your country would be better off. It has been proven that Marijuana does less harm to you and your surroundings than tobacco or alcohol, the arguments used against Marijuana could be used against those too. It doesn't make any sense.

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Dead Rising 2, get in there! 
I'd think about Blur if it was £5, and then not buy it because I would be padding Bobby Kotick's wallet even more while Bizzare are being made redundant.  
Mass Effect sale is a good one, but I'm already too invested in the 360 for them.

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The fact you think there will be a JRPG category baffles me. 

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Waiting on Oblivion..  hoping it will be up today.

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I detached and reattached my account and that cleared the games I hadn't played, I never considered doing that. Thanks.