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I wouldn't keep a gun.

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pretty much every big Japanese game...  Gran Turismo, Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, Dead Rising, Zelda and Monster Hunter come to mind.

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Working in single player, was that working earlier?

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GOTY awards are for people to pick their favourite game from the past 12 months. I don't see it as an official thing, it's all opinions.  
Saying that, it's obviously Minecraft.

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@BigLemon said:
" @drewmaw:  Best Quicklook of 2010 goes to Farming Simulator 2010. Hands down. Indisputable. "
I disagree. 
  Celebrity Poker gets a mention too.
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I said I would be 30 minutes and it's been an hour, I'm addicted. I hate this game, but it's so satisfying. It frustrates me to the core, but I must get through the next level. It's dangerous.

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I am fully prepared to hate this game. But it's the kind of thing that I can stick with. dl is about to finish, I'll report my thoughts in half an hour or so.

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I bought the wireless receiver for 360 controllers, Its cheaper than a wired controller and means you have one less controller in your house. Works a charm and I recommend it. Unless you specifically wanted a wired controller.  
Definitely worth playing third person games with it, Just Cause 2, Dead Space and Gears of War were much better to me with a controller than m+k.

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Super Meat Boy and Fear on the download! If only this 5 year old wireless receiver didn't give up so often!