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I would have preffered this. I think it would be perfect.

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How does this have 1000000 views? crazy...  
I really like some of these, this was a great idea for this game.

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After they gave Mark Zuckerberg the person of the year, I honestly wouldn't be suprised whatever they gave it to.  
I'm waiting for PC Gamer's GOTY where Minecraft takes the honours.

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Yes, that's a solid gold helicopter. 
Thanks again for letting me in.
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just finished playing 2 hours, this game is great. 

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@Cwaff said:
" Sounds kind of like an Elcor from Mass Effect. "
I love the Elcor!  
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@NekuSakuraba: I am not very interested in normal road cars, I have much more interest in modified race cars, or prototype race cars. When I say modified I don't mean a "sick" Chrysler Neon with 19 inch rims, I'm talking something like this.. 

taken from rfactor, because it's the first pic in "My Images". 

 Something that pushes technology using the given resources to the limit. There are so many massive differences between the road version of these cars and the GT2 version you see above.
Regarding the cars you see on the road, I find them interesting but I'm not obsessed. People who know everything about every little detail of hundreds of cars honestly scare me. I can identify cars, but I couldn't tell you all of the different engines you could buy with it or anything like that. 
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@MooseyMcMan said:
" and an inability to identify fingers (finger agnosia). "
The idea of this baffles me.  
If you couldn't identify fingers, would you know you had them? So may questions... 
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Whether or not Joe was being a dickhead doesn't make Keighley any less of one, making him do an interview there, well, he may as well have just slapped him round the face with his wang. 

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I sped it up, it sounded weird, not very funny.