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Shows how awesome steam sales are, when really I've spent £93.17 which is $146.60.

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Most I've done is about 21. I think if I properly prepared I could do it.

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Watching this trailer brings back some good memories, I really love this game. I don't think I've ever been as into a universe as the Mass Effect universe.

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Oh snap, I never noticed. I'll just go trade in all of my casual shooters. Thanks for telling me!
Seriously, people like a game you don't. Your bitching about it will do nothing. 
I like how you just decide they are worse without giving any explanation. They are just worse, and that's it. 
I'm not a big Halo fan, and I don't like the Call of Duty franchise since 4. But you are being just as immature about it as the 12 year old screaming down his mic at halo. The thing is, he's having more fun than you are right now.
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@mattjam3000 said:
" Grr surely they would make more money if it was free still so that more people listen to the wonderful adverts... "
I heard they weren't making enough money from all of the free accounts, which is why I assume they have dropped it. tbh, £4.99 a month for unlimited listening isn't bad. I've been listening to free for a few hours this afternoon and the ads are really annoying me.
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I'm just glad it's not 4za Motorsport. 

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anything that involves blissful ignorance.

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Top 20, in no particular order.

  • Full Collapse by Thursday
  • Hours by Funeral for a Friend
  • Memory and Humanity by Funeral for a Friend
  • Beggars by Thrice
  • Bleed American by Jimmy Eat World
  • Futures by Jimmy Eat World
  • Hot Fuss by The Killers
  • Finelines by My Vitriol
  • Siren Song of the Counter Culture by Rise Against
  • The Sufferer and the Witness by Rise Against
  • Toxicity by System of a Down
  • The Vertigo of Bliss by Biffy Clyro
  • Puzzle by Biffy Clyro
  • Pushing the Senses by Feeder
  • Chuck by Sum 41
  • Una Mattina by Ludovico Einaudi (I know right, a load of alternative music then classical, but I play the piano so yeah.)
  • Hybrid Theory by Linkin Park
  • Paper Walls by Yellowcard
  • Take Off Your Pants and Jacket by Blink 182
  • Warning by Green Day
If I had to pick a best, I'd say Beggars by Thrice, followed closely by Finelines.