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Not sure if this is the right place, but I just got the "You refreshed! Now you're at the back of the queue and you will wait even longer." message for signing in through the link given on the chat. Seems a bit pointless to get that message for following the links the chat gave me.

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It's great that you came out and you are feeling good now. True lgbt equality will be the time when people don't have to come out. It's a shame you felt under pressure to not come out sooner, I guess it depends a lot on your family and the people around you. I'm straight, but I'm open to the idea of not being. I joke about it with people, if they ask if I'm gay I'll tell them I'm not, I've checked (like I guess you did?), and put them on the spot asking if they have. It's funny the reactions you get from some people.

P.S. Linking to that video of Rorie made my day. Cheers!

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I guess going free to play with ads has to be such a risky move, it must take a lot of downloads to be worth it, but if you are worried about clones that has to be the way to go. Flappy Bird Clones weren't a thing when Flappy Bird was still number 1 on the stores, but even $1 is too much for most people. They don't care about whether it is a clone, phone games aren't considered art in the same way other things are.

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I doubt it's hard to run, I bet they just leave it running for months. It's going to be sabotaged by more releasing.

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I've been meaning to ask for ages, does anyone remember the Soup Wallet video of Matt Kessler? I've been looking for it for ages and I have no idea where it is. I need to see this video again.

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I've spent the day listening to the last GOTY podcast of the last two years, these are pretty great! I don't really know what the main GOTY fight is going to be this year.

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I don't know man, I play a lot more games than I read books and I'm still to find a game story that is anywhere near as good as the best books I've read. I don't think it's a problem, I play games for mechanics more than story anyway.

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Don't miss the start menu at all, all of the programs I use are pinned to my task bar anyway. If I want anything I press the start button and type what I want, just like I did when the start bar was a thing. The windows 8 apps are really bad, and splitting the OS into two parts was a terrible idea so out of all of the things you can complain about in Windows 8, I don't think the start menu is what I want them to be working on.

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Are Hamburgers sandwiches?

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Does OP think people are running around and saying "I hope I survive 2013, nobody will die after that!!1!one"