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I guess going free to play with ads has to be such a risky move, it must take a lot of downloads to be worth it, but if you are worried about clones that has to be the way to go. Flappy Bird Clones weren't a thing when Flappy Bird was still number 1 on the stores, but even $1 is too much for most people. They don't care about whether it is a clone, phone games aren't considered art in the same way other things are.

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I doubt it's hard to run, I bet they just leave it running for months. It's going to be sabotaged by more releasing.

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I've been meaning to ask for ages, does anyone remember the Soup Wallet video of Matt Kessler? I've been looking for it for ages and I have no idea where it is. I need to see this video again.

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I've spent the day listening to the last GOTY podcast of the last two years, these are pretty great! I don't really know what the main GOTY fight is going to be this year.

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I don't know man, I play a lot more games than I read books and I'm still to find a game story that is anywhere near as good as the best books I've read. I don't think it's a problem, I play games for mechanics more than story anyway.

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Don't miss the start menu at all, all of the programs I use are pinned to my task bar anyway. If I want anything I press the start button and type what I want, just like I did when the start bar was a thing. The windows 8 apps are really bad, and splitting the OS into two parts was a terrible idea so out of all of the things you can complain about in Windows 8, I don't think the start menu is what I want them to be working on.

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Are Hamburgers sandwiches?

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Does OP think people are running around and saying "I hope I survive 2013, nobody will die after that!!1!one"

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I miss Ryan.

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Yeah, I have a gaming PC. It's not just for gaming though, I use it for CAD and engineering simulation stuff. It's still performing great after two years, I was thinking of getting an upgrade recently but it's really not necessary.