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My avatar is the best.

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Escobar Kzubl

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If the egg is any type of egg, then it's obviously the egg, due to evolution, each generation mutates compared to the previous, meaning the egg would obviously come first.  
If it is assumed that the egg must be a chicken's egg, the question becomes more complex as it depends on what is considered a chickens egg. Firstly, if a hybrid chicken laid an actual chicken's egg, containing the first chicken, then the egg came first. However, if a chicken's egg is an egg that must be laid by a chicken, then a full chicken must have laid the first chicken's egg, and must have come first. 
While the answer depends on how the egg is defined, an answer can be reached for every scenario. 

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Now they've gone and made that film they have jinxed it. It's never going to happen now :(

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Those guys are great. They were in a film called Hot Rod, about an amateur stuntman. It was brilliant, because it knew it was a spoof comedy film. This was a great moment from it:   

  If you get the chance to see the film you should.
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there was a tranny on the camp site I go to every year. One year he had a beard, the next he had painted toenails, but still had a beard. In fact, 4 years later, he still struggles with the beard. It's weird being around him, I avoid him like the plague. It was mega awkward when my Mom started socializing with him normally. He did what most transexuals do also, went way overboard on the femininity, he only ever wears dresses and wool cardigans and all he seems to do is knit. 
I guess that's not a Drag queen, but I know how awkward it is.

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I saw the Final Destination in 3d, that was pretty good. I think 3D is just a gimmick to get you to pay more and to stop people videoing it on a handycam.

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going to the dentist.

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I just played through it, it was glitchy as hell. I was walking through objects, the finishing video didn't load properly either. Also, on some rooms when I went through the door most objects outside the room dissapered, and the opposite effect when I  left the room looking in. It was a mess. It doesn't sound like anyone else had this problem, maybe it's a 360 problem only? 
Also, the poetry in the 360 version is too low resolution to read :S