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@Soap: You win the internets.
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I wish I had the balls to go streaking. The guy who does NFL is the best.

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" If this topic gets to 20 pages I'll post sketches of myself in a sheep costume. "
Provoking spam much? 
Nice sketch BTW.... Has Vinny's hair grown back now?
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propanol. (propan-1-ol to be precise) 

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UK Medium sized. I bought a medium size in the US and it's like a british large.

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I had to endure my 3rd cousins Christening last weekend (Yeah, 3rd cousin. Our last common ancestor was 5 generations ago) And I knew nobody there, it was mega awkward and I left early. Considering you are under ultimatum from your soon to be in-laws, i'd say unlike myself you have something to lose by not showing, You should go.

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In stock setup the GT5 version looks better. But, when it gets smashed up, the Forza version will look better. Also, the Forza version could have a body kit and GT spec race gear, whereas the GT5 would not. I think that's the main difference between both of the games, if you are content at looking at showroom fresh car models then Forza or Gran Turismo will do you just fine, but Forza has the additional depth that comes from customisation, and the online community to boot. While GT5 will undoubtedly be a brilliant game, Forza will be better. 
Also, Watch out at TGS for a release date for GT5.

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if you have online achievements people boost them. I remember gears of war 1, people would rush to whatever achievement they were trying to get, sacrificing a good strategy for it.

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100's of hours of gameplay.. and it's multiplayer. They so should do that. The thing is I guess it would never really end.

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" @EvilTwin said:

" @crusader8463 said:

" that's awesome. "

I think it's kind of funny that someone calling Brad fat really upsets you, but when someone gets a tattoo that plays the death of 2 to 3 thousand people for laughs it's awesome.  Just a casual observation. "
  1.  harsh or bitter derision or irony.
  2.  a sharply ironical taunt; sneering or cutting remark: a review full of sarcasms.
 Sarcasm is a form of humor that uses sharp, cutting remarks or language intended to mock, wound, or subject to contempt or ridicule. "
Sarcasm doesn't work in text communication.