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Wow, that's pretty... wierd. I can't believe Love didn't get consulted on his appearence beforehand. If not then she prolly has my side in this. Mostly because it's Activision, and because watching Kurt singing Bon Jovi songs is painful.

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The advertising for NFS: Shift hasn't been good. Subtle advertising works better than basically drowning everyone in advertising. Every game store there are huge posters telling me to preorder, and every day they release a new trailer or gameplay video. I'm drowniiiing.

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I don't think fable or fallout would last this long... Fable definately not. 

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I was playing Gears of war ages ago with a guy who when he joined ssaid he would suck until the pot he was doing started taking effect. 

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A keyboard would work as long as they made atleast a 49 key keyboard, and put lots of voices in, and didn't deduct points for improvisation.

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The only wheel I know of that works with the 360 and the PS£ is the Porsche GT3 RS Fanatec wheel, and i'm not sure that's even out yet. It's the only decent wheel for the 360 since Microsoft didn't make the Logitech G25 compatable with it. It costs a bomb though, over £200. ($300ish I think). G25's you can get for £125 now and they work with PS3 and PC. It's a great wheel, i'm typing this over one right now. 

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@Radar said:
" The reporter is acting like a sole person just infiltrated an army base solo.... just a cookie cutter smash and grab with a bit of coordination.  Anyways, don't Macs have features to track down thefts like this? Like taking pictures with the webcam and tracking the location? "
When a bunch of iMacs were robbed from my college I heard that when they connect to the internet they disclose their location so they can be found.
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For me last year it was thursdays, I had 8 hours of college with a small break in the middle. Not sure what it will be this year, I get my time table in 2 weeks.

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I feel sorry for Drew.