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Youtube was cool until it started having a double standard for what was "Family Friendly Content" and what wasn't depending on how big your corporation was. 

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Pie, Mountain Dew and Zero Gravity. 

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That's pretty gross actually. If someone discovered a way to resurect the dead, and Kurt came back to see this I think he would top himself again.  
As with every Guitar Hero and Rock Band game, I wouldn't buy it because I could buy 2 brand new games for the price of a guitar hero game. Heck, I could even buy myself an actual guitar and have a life.  The sooner this Music game fad dies out the better IMO, It's starting to annoy me. 
Now please excuse me while I listen to nevermind on full volume.

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Can I just say, here in the UK a game costs much more than the US, brand new a game is around $80 equivalent, microsoft points are more expensive and so is the xbox live membership. The recent PS3 price drop puts it at around $370 USD equivalent.
And in the Euro-zone and Austrailia it's worse.  
Hence the only time I buy brand new games is when I've been looking forward to it for a long time (Gears of War 2, Fable 2, Forza 3) Or I can get a good trade in discount.
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lol, there is a guy who has flooded it and he has 5* Karma :P

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roflmao where are their mods? 

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Gears of War: Headshots are like Pringles, once you pop you just can't stop. 

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I got there but there is nothing anymore. Looks like the mods caught up...

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My friend spent 8 hours singing it yesterday on Rock Band 2. Seriously, for me I feel like an uber nerd if i do an hour long race in forza 2. but 8 hours? Singing? All for some gamerscore?  
Whats funny is he failed on a couple so he is going to try and re do it.