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I used to have my name as Vince and my Motto as here with shamwow, so when people flicked down their friends list and see me they haave my GT then 
Vince - Here with Shamwow 
But it got old, so now i have nothing.

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@regularassmilk said:
" You know, your PS3 problem is one in a million. The failure rate on PS3's is something close to 1% I think."
I know 4 people with PS3's and 3 of them have had to send it to Sony for repairs. One was because he was tampering where he shouldn't have been, but the other two broke down under normal use. 
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Still waiting for them to release the mega edition with all of the packs like they did with Oblivion.

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@killdave said:
@TwoOneFive said:
@killdave said:
" Forza 3 bring it on ^^No GT5 ? I guess that game is just a shitty demo that they dared charge you cash for... Vapourware ... "
um GT5 a shitty demo??? You mean GT5 Prologue? are you seriously hating on that? get a life. 
GT5 will poop on Forza 3, a big fat deuce on forza 3. (i will totally own both though LOL)

How those games Ryan chose as the ones the surprised him the most is really bewildering. What exactly was "Surprising" there dude?
GT5's trailer had damage (something never in GT game before), WRC, and NASCAR. Thats surprising. i'll say it again NASCAR!?!!! WRC!?!! It is taking on Forza 3, Dirt, and EA all at once. And who knows, maybe it will have INDY or F1 by the time it is released.  Hell it might even have fucking monster trucks. 
GT5 prologue, yeah they CHARGED you money for a DEMO .. I've got a right to be hating on thatA Year + later they still just show us a trailer that could have been taken with the same Demo + redneck racing. "
Last time i checked demo's have 2 or 3 cars and one or two track. GT5 Prolouge was a release of what they had done so far, perhaps to get some income to fund their 5 years of development. Seriously, I know this game will sell well but it will need to shift tens of millions of copies to justify that long working on it.

As for the content of GT5, it's very interesting, but content doesn't beat community and forza will have a better one. Also, there are only so many polygons you need. I think Forza and GT have reached the point where no more detail can be put into the car, but has to be put into the graphics and physics engine. Which reminds me, Forza 3 will have tyre deformation physics which have a large effect on how the cars handle, I've only heard of one other game with that and it's widely regarded as the most realistic simulator around. (live for speed if anyone is wondering)
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As a 360/PC gamer i watched the press conference with the aim of being made jealous, and with the exception of GT5 nothing really caught my eye, so i want to be convinced too.

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anthony carmine's death made me lol.

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How will you push? Oh i forgot, Tony hawk, not Skate.

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License_To_Bill said:
"Get Ikaruga."
just what i was looking for, i'll give it a go. Thanks.
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So i watched the latest Quick Look Video and it reminded me how fun these games can be. Are there any decent ones on XBLA? Preferably 2 player. I looked at a couple of previous of XEVIOUS but it looked a little primitive.