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Listening and more so playing music are very important in my life. It's my only real creative outlet, so without music I get very antsy.

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This thread is pretty great. Love you guys.

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More than once a week, but less than once a day.

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Just started racing the Class B NASCAR, it's very intimidating but I've been doing alright. Last night was by far my best race, there were cautions after a lap or two so I took a risk and went with 2 tyres to get track position. Came out in first, lost a couple of places on the restart but then the yellow came out again and everyone pitted, so really I went from tenth to third thanks to taking a risk on the tyres. Compared to road racing, there is so much more strategy than road racing, it's great. Ended up finishing 5th out of 16 with the 14th highest irating. Super satisfied, now I've met my MPR too so I'll be up to A Class oval soon!

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I like Zynga Poker and Miniclip 8 ball pool, but that's because I'm a horrible person. Word games are neat because you don't really need great controls, I've been playing a game called Word Hero which is live multiplayer boggle against everyone else that is playing so there's a live leaderboard of a couple of hundred people.

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Gonna watch some XBoning on my XBone.

(I'm just using my daily bad pun allocation. Move along.)

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Beards are awesome, you should grow one anyway. Winter is coming, you can save yourself wearing a scarf.

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The problem with microtransactions is that if I can earn something instead I'll always do that. If your game isn't fun enough to want to earn things then I'm not going to spend money to earn it. I don't mind with cosmetic things like Dota 2 because I don't really care about it, but games like War Thunder or Tribes: Ascend are fun enough for me to play and not have to pay to unlock things.

As for season passes, I don't really play that many new games, I wait for sales, and they usually pile DLC in with it as a package so I've never felt the need to get one.

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@chiablo said:

Crap like this makes me glad I skipped the twitter craze.

I don't think you understand Twitter and how people use it in different ways.

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It's really cool having you here Rorie, nice to know what you've been up to.