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Gonna watch some XBoning on my XBone.

(I'm just using my daily bad pun allocation. Move along.)

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Beards are awesome, you should grow one anyway. Winter is coming, you can save yourself wearing a scarf.

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The problem with microtransactions is that if I can earn something instead I'll always do that. If your game isn't fun enough to want to earn things then I'm not going to spend money to earn it. I don't mind with cosmetic things like Dota 2 because I don't really care about it, but games like War Thunder or Tribes: Ascend are fun enough for me to play and not have to pay to unlock things.

As for season passes, I don't really play that many new games, I wait for sales, and they usually pile DLC in with it as a package so I've never felt the need to get one.

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@chiablo said:

Crap like this makes me glad I skipped the twitter craze.

I don't think you understand Twitter and how people use it in different ways.

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It's really cool having you here Rorie, nice to know what you've been up to.

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Jeff has a great radio voice but I'm so used to hearing that as a parody, like "Live, from the..." intro to on the spot back in the day, I just thought the ad was a joke for a moment.

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Wow. I don't remember ever seeing this many deleted messages in a Giant Bomb forum thread.

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@markm said:

who cares listen to this song

Loading Video...

You convinced me.

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Dan Teesdale's video was just the best. That was a great panel.

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Guys weezer were still cool in the 90's.