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The problem with reddit is the default subreddits, I'm unsubscribed from all of them except for Videos. It's all crap. Find small subreddits that are based around things you do/like and you will have a much better time.

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  1. Mercedes have a track record of SHREDDING their tyres compared to others, so on several occasions they have got pole but sank down the field really fast.
  2. There are three qualifying sessions, the first eliminates 6 drivers, the second eliminates another six and the last is a top ten shootout. If you are in the top ten, you need to start on the tyres you use in that last session, so drivers often don't run and settle for 10th to get a fresh set of tyres for the start.
  3. Engines have been frozen for 6 years now I believe so there is little to do there, even though they do have slight differences. There are lots of regs related to aerodynamics and restrictions, but there are a lot of subtle differences and that is where all of the performance difference comes from.
  4. one move to block, and then a move back to the racing line I believe. The rule is that you can't leave less than a car width on the edge of the track.
  5. To use DRS you need to be in a specific section of track and in the race, within 1 second of the car infront. It's detected and then the driver is informed when they use it. It shouldn't activate outside of this section or when they aren't allowed to but sometimes it does, and the teams get a fine.
  6. No, the rules stipulate you must use both tyres. There's some strategy to when you use which tyres, because with a heavier car with more fuel tyre wear is worse.
  7. No idea sorry!
  8. If they repeatedly cut a chicane, they will be penalised after being warned. If they cut a chicane to pass someone they will have to give it back. If they are avoiding an accident it's completely fine.
  9. Teams have different codes for all sorts of things. They have different engine settings, KERS settings, etc. They don't want to let others know what they are doing so they use codes like that.
  10. Points are given for your race finish, in order from first: 25, 18, 15, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 1. You prolly saw an 8 and mistook it for a 0.

Hope that covers it!

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I think F1 2010 has the best opening.

I remember really liking that intro, I think it's mostly the music. It's crazy looking back at how bad that game looks now, given the other two have been on the same hardware.

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American consumerism has been rampant for so many generations now that people have actually evolved branded shoes instead of feet.

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That's enough internet for me today, I think. People get so petty...

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That's a really neat tattoo, I always thought it was cool. There are very few really smart tattoos like that.

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Ryan wasn't just a man, he was an institution. He was so unique, everybody loved him. This thread is brilliant, I love all of you guys. So many memories.

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If you want to avoid all of the pack, if you don't grid before the start of the race you will start in the pit lane. It will put you quite a way back, but puts you out of the pack where you can just scoop up places from people crashing out.

I was timid too for a long time, once you get to the class you want and are comfortable with your skill you can take a few more risks and push harder and have less to worry about with incidents.