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Andy Murray is the Tennisest. He has the most tennis. I've never seen someone tennis as hard as he did. SO TENNIS.

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Here's mine, I like to keep it simple. I wear it all the time.

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I recommend Skip Barber, that's a really fun series that a lot of people compete in. I am at A class now and I still dabble from time to time. Also remember, you don't need to buy all of the tracks. The schedule changes every season so if you buy all 12 tracks for this season, they won't be there next season. When I was getting into it I bought the absolute minimum to meet the 8 race a season requirement to earn some credits.

If you would like someone to race with I'm always down, I'm usually racing at least once a week. I've sent you a message on the membersite.

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I always thought a Monster Hunter quick look would be good, I don't know how you could do that on Twitch though.

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@wuddel said:

@truthtellah: Well, Xbox is going the Steam route .... just without the steam prices.

While you could expect that, assuming it is already doesn't give them enough credit. Wait and see, I don't know either way.

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I love the E3 content more than any other stuff on the site.

I mean, it's just masterful.

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$160 extra if you live in Europe. Such a joke.

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Keep drinking that kool-aid.

Other flavoured drinks mixes are available.

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Tin foil hats, chemtrails, etc.

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EA, Ubisoft and Activision must be super happy that they are making Microsoft take the blame for all of this. It would be so easy for them to turn to Sony and tell them that if they don't do the same they won't get any of their games.