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Keep drinking that kool-aid.

Other flavoured drinks mixes are available.

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Tin foil hats, chemtrails, etc.

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EA, Ubisoft and Activision must be super happy that they are making Microsoft take the blame for all of this. It would be so easy for them to turn to Sony and tell them that if they don't do the same they won't get any of their games.

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I'm not as pissed off as most people on the internet, but there's just nothing that really grabs me about it. Just not that interested.

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I would rather have 60fps than 720p for most games.

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Pretty decent. I did about 90 minutes as Storm but I think I'm going to leave it and come back when The Human Torch is released.

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I forgive that monstrosity of a song because the genre is "Crunkcore" and that's pretty hilarious.

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@geirr: I went and found that video yesterday, weird to see it crop up again. If I ever send the guys anything, it's going to be oddly specific cooking appliances. Something like a muffin warmer or something.

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Wow that is shocking. Fair play to Jeff for responding to this thread so fast!

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@def said:

Better not be Xbox One exclusive ... at least put it on PC!

Oh god don't even say that. I would be fuming if it was an XBone exclusive.