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I'm not as pissed off as most people on the internet, but there's just nothing that really grabs me about it. Just not that interested.

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I would rather have 60fps than 720p for most games.

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Pretty decent. I did about 90 minutes as Storm but I think I'm going to leave it and come back when The Human Torch is released.

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I forgive that monstrosity of a song because the genre is "Crunkcore" and that's pretty hilarious.

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@geirr: I went and found that video yesterday, weird to see it crop up again. If I ever send the guys anything, it's going to be oddly specific cooking appliances. Something like a muffin warmer or something.

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Wow that is shocking. Fair play to Jeff for responding to this thread so fast!

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@def said:

Better not be Xbox One exclusive ... at least put it on PC!

Oh god don't even say that. I would be fuming if it was an XBone exclusive.

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@i_smell: I would probably pay too much money for that.

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I have a couple of friends who work at BAC, it's a really small company, like less than 10 people small. It's awesome they are getting out there with all sorts of promotional stuff for games and things.

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chemtrails guys