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Really? That is a room of grown adults involved in the business? Could have fooled me.

Poor guy.

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Cool use of Smart Glass.

They moved a one button controller click to multi-key inputs on to a device I do not use!

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I posted the below text in the trailer comments, but thought it may get missed. I found it interesting anyway:

Did anyone else notice that the person who dies, is the main zombie in the next scene, except at the start where it's the guard in the red jacket from the end, thereby looping the whole thing around? Have a look.

  1. Dude from the bus (which has hit the guard) has blue jacket and white stripes.
  2. Next scene he is the guy hanging on to the ladies leg who is being held by the old guy in the trench coat.
  3. Next scene the guy in the trench coat is to the left of the table, lady in white top to the right.
  4. Next scene is the guy who shot himself (although the tie is on his right arm, it was on the left the scene before).
  5. Next scene is the guy from the car, spiked hair and blue jacket.
  6. Next scene is the guard who becomes alive again, who is hit by the bus in the first scene.

I only noticed this after I accidentally restarted the clip and noticed the red jacket and re-watched it.

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I thought I would only be doing Limbo, but just too much fits, and I had to do this one.

This one is dedicated to Brad, a song he loves with his second favourite game... OF ALL TIME.

C'mon Brad, you know it is.

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Here you go, something I just whipped together as I thought it was a cool game. Also, I like the way the Schizoid Man sample and the part where Kanye says "We rolling" just fit, all unaltered.

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I stopped checking them out for three reasons. 
The first was the rapid torrid of crap, with a half paragraph of text that doesn't always explain whatever the video content they decided to substitute for writing is about. Also, the way they handle revisions of the articles annoys me. Petty, maybe. 
Second is the web site redesign. It is horrid and every third or fourth article crashes my chrome tab. I have tried on OS X and Windows 7 and either get a sluggish browser or crashed tab. I have a six core AMD Desktop and it also doesn't like it, which concerns me. I used to do backend site design and front end layouts and I have played with a bunch of that stuff, I do appreciate trying to innovate and the complexity of getting it all going right. The keyword is RIGHT.
And finally, and the main freaking reason, I live in Australia and quite often a link to a story redirects me to the Australian site. While the Australian site doesn't have the redesign, good, the link I used that redirects me there breaks and sends me to the front page with the relevant story nowhere in site. Sometimes it doesn't, sometimes little tricks I have found on Google bypass it, but too often a link is broken for me. 
And if you really don't want me to visit and read your site, I won't. Simple fix.

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This was harder then I thought as I, sadly, have brought some crap games and disappointing games (looking at you Fable II). 
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