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Yes, you need to pick the refuse option to get the true ending.

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Lucina. Because Fire Emblem: Awakening is great, and she's the one character I was really hoping would make it into the game. Well, her and Professor Layton, but you can't win them all.

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@afabs515 said:

Thanks for all the opinions and advice guys. For the record, I got the game and am using my regular 3DS. The only times the screen size is really an issue is when people are at exact opposite corners of the screen or a special event happens and the camera zooms way out. But I feel like it's the same on the XL, just a bit less extreme. I'm still enjoying the game a lot and am definitely happy with my decision. Thanks again for the help.

This is pretty much my experience too (though, obviously advice doesn't matter any more). It's not a problem 90% of the time, and the other 10% it's usually manageable because of name colors. It only really throws me off in team battle mode, when people are on opposite sides of the screen.

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RIP Ryan Davis. I don't think it's hyperbolic to say that you changed my life, how I think about the world, and shaped my very sense of humor. I never met you, but you seemed like an awesome dude, and were there every single week for years to make me laugh, even during a really bad time in my life. Hearing the Bombcast was the highlight of my week during a pretty dark time for me, because it always made the world seem a little bit less bleak. You're missed, man. You really are.

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This is shocking. I saw the headline over on Kotaku this morning just after waking up, and I thought for sure there had to be some mistake.

I've listened to Ryan in some capacity either though the latest Bombcast, old Bombcasts, Quick Looks, or something else on the site, almost every day for the past 4 or 5 years. RIP Ryan, my thoughts and prayers go out to the rest of the GB team.

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Bill (L4D)
The Milkman (Psychonauts)
Garrus, Tali, Mordin, Wrex... Pretty much any of the cool characters from Mass Effect (Mass Effect)
Kenny (The Walking Dead)

I agree with the idea that the guy who says "Commander" in XCOM should be the dealer.

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BioShock is a terrific game, with a terrific story, and one of the best settings in video game history.

BioShock 2 is, in my opinion, pretty terrible. The combat was improved, yes, but the story was dull and uninspired, and the level design and environments (save for the amusement-park thing, and the Little Sister bit) were ultra-boring. I really kind of hate the sequel.

Infinite looks good, though.

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Journey. I'd give it a "Very Good Out Of Ten."

Seriously though, 5/5. Thankfully, I never lost MY buddy.

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This is great. Good job!