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Ooof. Someone posted this already. Can someone lock or delete this thread please?

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Looks pretty damn sweet. Can't believe that they may actually release this in May. Also, we seem to be getting more black female protagonists. Good step forward. First AC Liberation, now this. Wonder how it turns out in the future.

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8.0 from Gamespot. Guess it isn't all that bad, eh? The only bad point I picked up on is that the character models and some environment textures are a bit dodgy. Not sure whether that is worth two point deduction, but still quite a good score. Definitely picking this up somewhere in September.

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@Teran: Seems that quite a bit of people are having the same problem. Argul's Tomb is supposed to be authenticated separately on Darksiders website. Which is weird, since Steam also accepted the key. Anyways, did all things listed. Thanks for the help

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Got my codes earlier today. Punched in the code for the game copy itself and then the code for the season pass. When I tried to authenticate Argul's Tomb after the Season Pass, it stated that I already have the product associated with my Steam account. What do you guys think? Will I get Argul's Tomb from the Pass, or did I just screw myself out of a piece of free DLC. Anyone ran into same situation?

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@AhmadMetallic: You might want to take Saints Row out of the equation. From what I've seen of the game, tonally, there is nothing similar. Also, you still have to do quite a bit of gang activities. You are undercover after all. But there are also cop side missions apparently.

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@AhmadMetallic: It was never supposed to be a True Crime game. Activision just made an executive decision to slap that name on it to gain exposure. I believe that it's first name was Black Lotus. And seeing that some of the side missions deal with organ trafficking by rival gangs, it doesn't really seem like wacky fun of Saints Row. I have a feeling that they are going for that grounded look. Something like Infernal Affairs perhaps. They actually cited it as an influence.

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@Benny: Not available where I live unfortunately. Shame. If I order from UK, tax/custom will inflate the price too much. Thanks though.

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@djhicks1: What is rather annoying is that the model that is available here (Vietnam) only has Core i5 in it, while it is supposed to have Core i7 by default. There is a model with 1080p screen, Blu-Ray drive and an i7, but it is sold in USA. They don't ship to Vietnam and I would probably have to shell out quite a bit of customs money if I ordered it from UK. Bad luck all around. And appropriately, models that are sold in UK have inferior GPUs and inflated prices.

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@Benny: This one is around $1000, so quite decent in my opinion.