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@korwin said:

Always suck up every last resource in a region before warping to the next mission.

You can totally warp a cap ship inside another cap ship for big explosions.

in HW2 it will auto collect, but yeah in HW1 waste that hour and harvester after the end of a mission.

Do max out your captial ships limit cap.. that way you can steal enemy ships and go over the cap. in the last mission in HW1 I had like 4x the cap of destroyers and 2-3x cap of battleships.

very perdy game (here it is in 4k)

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booo.. i guess they aren't going to do a quicklook. It is a shame as this might be the first time a lot of people would have heard about this. :(

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after fighting with crashes.. i got it working. wooo.. game is good (they changed some of the keyboard command for hw1.. which makes a sad a bit.. but i can live with it)

(to fix the crashes i did a clean reinstall of the NVIDIA drivers)

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add a few bucks more and get homeworld! :)

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god damn worthless.. but so is "new release" tab too - pages of cheap crap.

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Pre-load up (but oddly small.. only 4.6gig - they said it would be 20gigs in the video)

I demand a quick look with vinny... and he can only building salvage ships!!

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cut the rope. planets vs zombies. skulls of the shogun

FFIII is there.. but cost to much

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i can't post here either. (using windows 8.1 ie 11 and firefox 35.0.1 - also tried on windows serer 2012 r2 and firefox 35.0.1

I need my homeworld posting release!! :) haha

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new video today (also changed the Homeworld Remastered Collection - Cinematics Trailer a few posts up to a 4k version)

I hope some of the GB team are going to look into this - for a quick look or something. no database entry for this.. no videos.. not in "Top Releases" this week. It makes me sad :(

Gim Frandango was talked to death and that was just a small tweak.(and it came out a year before homeworld so both are "old" - homeworld a lot more impressive clean up (and a far better game imo). Homeworld has a big impact on my when i frist played in in 1999. Gim was ok. It kinda is just impressive because it was one of the last of that type of game.)

hopefully vinny will play it :) (but that is my wish for all content.. more vinny in always a win)

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I hope there is a pre-load. It is over 20gigs.