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Running fine here on the PC.. but meh. Just another bad DLC for a saints row game. That said, if you didn't finish IV on the 360 then get it on the ps4. fun :) (not as fun as 3.. but still fun)

here is it running on the PC (gat out of hell)... ugh.. what a poor color pallet choice.

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holy crap the ending is cool. I can't wait for the full game

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it even works well in 4k.. which is always unexpected from a Japanese console port. Not a very demanding game. running extra high on all settings (that have extra high as an option)

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wooo! hopefully it isn't a ghetto port (we all know it will be..)

i'm looking forward to this!

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blah. the dust isn't going to be happy on my xbox one. Shame this isn't coming to the PC as i'd have been happy to wait (for a long time) vs playing it on low rez box (that would go for ps4 too)

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The dayz people you use this engine :)

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boo.. i can't get the game to work with the xbox one controller. i'm enjoying it so far.

No SLI support, which would be nice to have. It looks really pretty in 4k.