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i really liked this whole editorial/informative thing about news media. good read! more please.

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and so we learn that Borderlands is set in the Homeworld universe.

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i hope this has a fitting conclusion.

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Now I am just imagining Patrick Tricky Klepick fighting a horde of zombies off with a sledgehammer in that same way...

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Virtua Fighter 4,

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mass effect...

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i think part of the charm behind the bombcasts and the quick looks is their length. i tune in as much for the personalities as for the information, and I get the feeling that if anything was shortened it would take away too much from the personalities and the interaction of Ryan + crew.

And ultimately, the beauty of the format in which both are presented to us is that you can make the duration last as long as you want to: Don't like them droning on about LA Noire for 30 minutes? Skip to the next segment. Don't want to watch an hour and a half quick-look? Well, if you got the gist of it after 20 minutes, then that's all you need.

I could see your argument being a credible concern if everything was a live broadcast that could not be fast-forwarded, paused, and where you couldn't jump around from time-frame to time-frame. But this is not the case. You have all the power you need not to have a 2.5 hr podcast. It's right there in your hand.

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random shoutout to this dood i discovered today (brentfloss) who puts very fitting lyrics to videogame themesongs.

my favorite by far is the civilization song:

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So they announced an HD version of FFX...

I love how Sony realized that there is something to the whole let's-re-sell-you-the-same-game-again-Nintendo-kind-of-way.

I'm not even knocking it. Heck, if I owned a ps3 it would be precisely for the Shadow/Ico HD collection and now the FFX HD version. Hell, I almost bought a system just to play Shadow of the Colossus at a decent frame rate and HD-fied. Go Sony go, learn from the master!

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That can't be good for Take-Two if they weren't profitable this quarter despite 4 million sales of LA Noire. At what point do they tell Rockstar to push the finish on the next GTA?