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More meaningful games.

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@sinusoidal: As someone with an intimate knowledge of disability benefits in Canada, let me just say that being diagnosed with clinical depression generally isn't enough.

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The just-created page for Spellirium got made without an image. Could this one be used, please?

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@project343: Sorry for not responding sooner. It is absolutely a combination of the two. I'm a terrible artist, and I made the art for the game first, using a drawing tablet. I somehow found the right settings to get these really janky lines that worked well with my general inability to draw well. I thought it well resembled a twisted, ugly version of my workplace, so I ran with it.

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@ElleLenore: You really should! Especially since it is a free browser game that doesn't take too long to experience.

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@scottygrayskull: I definitely knew there could be repercussions. Technically, I should have submitted the game to management for their own review, where they likely would have requested an utter sanitization of the game, or simply denied me from releasing it at all. I wasn't going to let the Agency stand between me and the game I had made.

There were a lot of potential repercussions I considered, from verbal & written warnings, to being told to take the game down. Termination was a possibility, but not one I considered to be that likely. I was certainly wrong about that.

So, overall, their reaction wasn't a huge surprise. The severity of their reaction was a bit of a shock, but I always knew this could happen. I even said as much to Patrick, and this is reflected in his article.

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@CobraCalling: The game is Windows-only, but part of the package you get when you buy it is a .swf file containing the game that will run in a browser. Some Mac users have gotten the game to run that way.

An actual Mac version is at the top of my priority list. Demand for it has been high.

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@MonkeyKing1969: That is EXACTLY what I was trying to communicate. Thank you!

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@FierceDeity: Yup.

Consider that the term "shipped", which originates from the retail sense of releasing a game by shipping physical copies out to retailers, continues to be used for digital-only games with no physical presence.

Therefore, I shipped I Get This Call Every Day on December 21st, 2012.