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@BD_Mr_Bubbles: Thank you!

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@BD_Mr_Bubbles: What the...? You somehow managed to extract it in a way that destroyed the directory structure. Files that should be within folders are all out and about. Not sure how that would have happened. At least you fixed it.

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@SerHulse: Thanks! Evidently I should have looked harder for the right thread, sorry about that.

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The main thumbnail image for Metanet Software (the image above the core details for the studio) gives details for a company called Metanet based in Australia. The Metanet Software behind N and N+ is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I have removed the image from the company's image gallery but I cannot seem to correct this thumbnail. I do not have an adequate replacement.

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@MikkaQ: Yup. Superbrothers himself, mister Craig D. Adams, is inadvertently responsible for me becoming a game developer. Sadly he's moved to Eastern Québec now. The Toronto Indie Dev scene is absolutely inspiring. You should check out a local event sometime; IGDA Toronto and the Hand Eye Society usually organize one a month, though they haven't announced anything yet for January.

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@MikkaQ: I almost forgot the grandparents of Toronto's indie dev scene, Mare Sheppard and Raigan Burns!

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@BD_Mr_Bubbles: That's very weird. Are you moving the .exe file out of the main folder? It has to be inside that folder, because all of the necessary AIR components are there. It shouldn't require AIR to be installed on your PC, because it's running its own contained version of it.

If that doesn't work, you can always run the .swf version of the game in a browser. Not perfect, but it works.

Don't forget that you can contact me directly for support at contact@davidsgallant.com

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I'm making a note here: HUGH SUCCESS.

Sure, those are some overused Jonathan Colton lyrics right there, but that's exactly how I feel about the launch of I Get This Call Every Day. I expected to make a few bucks, encounter some ridicule, and be back to "business" as usual. I was wrong.

I blogged over at Gamasutra about how well the game has done in terms of sales, but the TL:DR is that the game has made almost $900. That's pocket change for most triple-A games, but for an independent gamemaker like myself, that's world-changing.

To start, it's immediately validated for me that I making games is what I want to do for the rest of my life. Screw this day job - I'm getting out as soon as it's financially viable to do so.

It also seems like I tapped into a common experience for a lot of people. Seems there are many who either have been or currently are stuck in jobs like my own, and they found their experience mirrored in the game. I Get This Call Every Day is getting an incredible number of votes on Steam Greenlight, which surprises the hell out of me. I put it up there with the expectation that it would fail miserably, but it has done very well for votes. If you feel like upvoting the game on Greenlight, head here; of course, the game is still available for sale directly from my website for as little as $2.

I thought I was foolish for thinking that releasing a game like this could ever possibly help me quit my day job. Now... it just might do the trick.

The one thing that I've really cherished above everything that's happened - above the Kotaku coverage, above the reviews, above the game's inexplicable Greenlight appeal - it's that my game appeared for over a week in the Giant Bomb New Release homepage sidebar.

Of course, I'm not stopping here. I don't have any particular projects lined up next, but with the Global Game Jam next month and One Game A Month running throughout 2013, you can expect a few new games out of me in the new year.

Yippiekaiyay, motherfucker.

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@Karkarov: I actually blogged about how well it's done so far over on gamasutra. TL;DR - Not making enough to quit my day job, sales spiked but have petered down, it did waaaaaaaaaay better than my wildest imaginings. A great start.