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I've been playing it for review for It Only Does Podcast. I'm thoroughly enjoying it, but it's my wife who's absolutely HOOKED on it. My PSN ID is Zvarri - just mention you're up for Hoard in the Friend request.
@Fronominal: The wiki entry for Hoard lists PSP as a platform. Is there a version of Hoard coming to PSP as well? I would love a portable version of this game with a fleshed-out single-player experience.

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I outsided once, and all I was crabs.

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Without actually reading any responses in this thread, I'll share my vegan story. 
I was vegan for three years, between ages 16 and 18. They were the healthiest three years of my life. I was in peak physical shape, I never got sick, I maintained a constant 165lbs weight, and I felt awesome. I had my parents to thank for this, because they were buying me all my expensive vegan supplements. Once I moved away to University, the veganism stopped. 
I did it not as a moral choice but basically to see if I could. Whenever I explain what I did, I usually hear a chorus of "I could never give up meat!" in response. I wanted to challenge myself. I did not want to be like those people, unable to sacrifice a small part of their diet for better living. 
So, I haven't been vegan now for almost ten years. My health is crap, my weight is shite, but it fits the grocery budget. Also that willpower thing of mine ain't as strong as it used to be. Go figure.

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Yup. I set MAG aside for a while, but I've come back to it in a big way. With a new beta launching this week, new features in the pipeline, Move support incoming, and a strong player base, it's a good time to be playing MAG.

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@animateria: When I was an EB Games / Gamestop till monkey, I never (outwardly) judged people for their game purchases. Believe me, in my year there I saw people buy all kinds of crap, dreck, and filth imaginable. However, if anyone ASKED about a game, I was very frank. Eventually my third manager started telling me to STFU (that's right, three managers in a year. I outlasted them all and never saw a promotion. Hence, I am no longer an employee).
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@arab_prince: I don't know what it's like now, but Runescape back then was cool up until you finished the public quests. Then there was nothing to do but grind, grind, grind...
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@BlazeHedgehog: Wow. Just wow.
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@ZanzibarBreeze: Thanks for pointing me to a game in need of releases / wiki content! But seriously, it looks horrible.
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... post your shame here. Mine are: 
Route 66, the Playstation Mini that said nowhere in the description that it was a FUCKING IMAGE HUNT. Bought it for review. I reviewed it in song. I wrote the song myself and composed the music in Beaterator. It was terrible. Just like the game. One day I will write a proper review so I can warn you all, just as I did with Crimson Room Reverse
Runescape, back when it was still a 2D Java joint. I never paid for a subscription, and I exhausted the free quests pretty quickly. However, I poured so many hours into it to try and increase my skills, spending dozens of sessions repeating the same mundane tasks over and over again. One day I just sort of noticed that I wasn't having fun anymore and I quit playing. 
I probably have more, but I should really get some sleep.

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There are two user reviews on my profile that have sort of vanished. Here is a screenshot of the affected portion of my reviews profile. 

 Note the broken images and the lack of platforms in the parentheses.

Viewed on two different computers, both running Chromium browser under Ubuntu 10.04 (Linux)
The two affected reviews are the ones titled "a full and frank review" and are for the games Crimson Room: Reverse and Fieldrunners respectively.  On this page, they each link to  http://www.giantbomb.com/profile/zvarri/reviews/ which you'll note is a loop, since that URL is the same page displayed in the image. The review section of each game page still refers to the existence of the review and features its score, but contains no link to the actual review. My Crimson Room: Reverse review was once featured on the frontpage (and I have the completed quest to show for it) so it definitely worked properly at some point. I very much hope these reviews are not lost!