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A long-term investment in fun 0

  Hoard is (currently) a PS3 exclusive in which you play as a dragon. Already the game risks drawing unfavourable comparisons to the other PS3-exclusive dragon game; however, the two could not be more opposite. I would tell you that Hoard has been a great experience from start to finish, but that would leave you with the incorrect impression that it ends. Hoard is not temporary entertainment until the next big thing comes along; it is a long-term investment in fun for you, your family, and you...

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Dress for This Quest 0

  Costume Quest is kind of a trick-or-treat situation. The trick is that at it’s core, it’s little more than a stripped-down turn-based RPG in the same vein as any classic Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest. The treat is that this gameplay is wrapped up in a charming and funny package that can be appreciated by both families with young kids as well as seasoned gamers. Costume Quest represents the best of DoubleFine Productions: humourous writing in a charming package and engaging play mechanics that ...

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A Charming And Cerebral Shooter 0

 Let's sit down and have a look at Age of Zombies, which you can find on the Playstation Store for $4.99. This game falls under the awkward category of dual-stick shooter, on a system with no second stick. However, it features zombies, one of my favourite monsters. It's also made by Halfbrick Studios, makers of other great minis titles like Blast Off and Echoes. Did Halfbrick pull off a hat trick with Age of Zombies? Keep reading, my brain-starved friends.Age of Zombies plays similar to twin-sti...

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The Bad Guy is the Game's Name Spelled Backwards. 0

 Let's sit down and have a look at Fortix, which you can find on the Playstation Store for $4.99. This game is actually an adaptation of Qix, a Taito arcade game originally released in 1981. The basic gameplay in Fortix is identical to Qix; you draw lines on the field with your cursor to make boxes, claiming portions of the field under your control. Objects on the field can deplete one of your lives by crashing into your cursor or a line you are currently drawing. In Qix, these objects (includin...

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Several Strokes Over Par 0

 Let's sit down and look at Let's Golf, which you can find on the Playstation Store for $6.99. Developed by mobile gaming monster Gameloft, Let's Golf bears more than a few visual similarities to the Hot Shots Golf series. I have not played any of the Hot Shots Golf games aside from demos, so those looking for a comparison between the two will be disappointed; I can only review Let's Golf on its own merits. Aside from Wii Sports, the last comparable game I played was Microsoft Golf '93 for the P...

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A Better Game 0

  I suppose every review of Bioshock 2 needs to start with a qualifying statement by the author expressing how they felt about the first Bioshock, to give their audience some perspective on the opinions to follow. So here's mine: I thought Bioshock 1 was a good game. It didn't blow my mind, change my world view, or revolutionize how I saw video games. That honour belongs to this game's true granddaddy: System Shock 2. Bioshock was a good game. Bioshock 2 is a better game. For some of you, that's...

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What's Old is New Again 0

GTA CW is a game for the Nintendo DS. It retails for $39.99 and is rated M for Mature.  This is the first GTA game on the DS, and Rockstar wisely chose not to follow the “Stories” formula used for their PSP outings. Instead, Chinatown Wars harkens back to the original two GTA games (and the lesser-known GBA game, which is best left forgotten). The perspective is top-down, reducing your character to a few animated pixels and victims to cartoonish bloodsplats on the pavement. Thankfully, some smar...

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