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Thank you for this, I think you handled this very well.

I am actually surprised this silly GamerGate is still a topic, and I can only shake my head about their lies about fighting conspiracies. It should be obvious to any thinking and feeling (!) human being that this is no way to behave. I would love to just ignore this whole thing, because it is really depressing... but as long as people are threatened it is important to write statements like this. Let's hope those kids will get bored soon and find other ways to deal with their aggression.

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What I find strange about this: Ubisoft wrote it was a "marketing decision" to censor the scenes in the European console version. Until now we have no hint about actual laws in Europe focing them to do so, because they don't even get a lower rating. In Australia they fought for an uncut version by submitting three different versions o fthe game and now in Europe they just do it because of an internal decision? Maybe they see it as way of advertising now. I would really like to know why a strange decision like this was made.

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This is not true, the jew class will not be censored in the German version of the game. Ubisoft confirmed that this will not happen.

The rumor was just based on one wrong description in a Austrian online shop. Germany gets an extra censorship, but as far as we know right now only swastikas will be removed. Maybe there will be an "X" on the nazi uniforms instead, we don't know yet... but this is common in German video game releases because of our laws.

Fun fact: Swastikas are not censored in the South Park episodes on German tv, because movies and tv shows are considered as "art" and so they are allowed to show nazi symbols. Video games are not. Several years ago this stupid decision was made and they still stick to it, even when a game looks exactly like the tv show it is based on.

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Thanks, I hope Ryan would have laughed about it :)

I draw from scratch, but the pictures might look a lot like created with , because I created this character creator as well. So this can be a bit confusing. Sometimes I draw single parts for its updates and sometimes whole characters for myself (l collect them here ).

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...but I drew this little picture of him as a South Park character, because I use this style all the time. I wanted to do something for him as a tribute, because I still feel so sad about him being gone. It's nothing big compared to the amazing art I have seen so far, but... I don't know... I just wanted to give something back.
Thank you Ryan for the fun you brought to us! R.i.P.

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Usually I do not write comments, but I feel like I have to now, because I cannot think of anything else since I heard about his death yesterday. Like most of you I am sad although I did not know Ryan personally. I just enjoyed his presence on the bombcast and in every video he was in, because he seemed to be such a nice guy. And I guess it speaks for itself that what he did had an impact on so many people.

This is a tragedy. He was way too young and just married... things like that just should not happen.