Steve Jobs Passes Away.

Wednesday 5th October 2011. He was 56 years old. 
Having co-created Apple in 1976, fired 11 years after; return in the next 11 years and took Apple to the global leader of consumer electronics, computer software and personal computers. He was a genuis. He is legendary. He will be missed.


Gears of War 3 - Achievement Run Guide

Guide for myself and friends to use for getting as many achievements as possible. I'm not going to post this in the guides section because it's borked.
WARNING!  Achievements may contain spoilers!

1. Campaign First Run

Play 4 players Co-op, play campaign on Arcade, on Hardcore difficulty.

2. Campaign Clean-up

Play 2+ players Co-op, play campaign on Arcade, on Insane difficulty.

3. Fight the Horde

Play 2+ players, play Horde, on Casual difficulty.

4. The Beasts Within

Play 2+ players, play Beast, on Casual difficulty.

5.1. Multiplayer

Play Casual multiplayer until it is disabled. Continue onto Standard multiplayer. Good luck, have Batman!

5.2. Events

Check the calendar for events. Play in those events, I think...

6. Other


E3 2011!

So dudes, it's that time again as Giant Bomb battles the Electronic Three!  Here are the press conferences' times and where you can view them on the internet.  New links will be added if there are any; past events will be replaced with my thoughts on each of the press conferences.  I recommend that you load the page about 1 hour before each conference begins in case it starts earlier than expected!  Times displayed are in British Standard Time (GMT+1).  If there are any problems, please PM me.  Enjoy!



Giant Bomb Update May 2011!

So the website got an update today.  I welcome the update but I can't help but pick on some aspects. Here are my thoughts on specific parts of the website: 

A.  A nice addition to the website, much like Bungie's website.
B.  I think this may be a layout problem but the Giant Bomb "slogan" is a bit low and should be bumped up, just below the navigation bar. 
C.  The "featured article" section is nice.  It maybe a bug but when a video content is featured, the "social controls" (comments, twitter, facebook) and premium controls are a bit low and should be bumped up, just below the video.  Also, it is redundant to have two comment buttons on the video (big button on the right, another small at the bottom left).  The "Coming Up on Giant Bomb" schedule display should be moved to the right of the News section; replacing the "Featured Games" section (see second picture below).
D.  The "other featured content" section is good; but when you hover over a featured content, it displays brief info about the content.  Sometimes, the info is too long and cuts off the comment button, which said button should be removed. 
E.  The "News" section has a much needed, much appreciated "Grid" view.  Thanks. 
F.  Bug. 
G.  The "Featured Games" section should be replaced with the "Coming Up on Giant Bomb" section as it feels squashed on the right side.  Reverting this section to the previous Giant Bomb layout (similar to the "other featured content" section in the above image; horizontal and center aligned, below the "other featured content" section); and renamed as "Upcoming Games".  Also, replace the writing with icons, much like the previous version of Giant Bomb website design.

H.  Surprised that the "Views" counter is still displayed.  I thought that this would've been removed due to it being useless information.  It seems that it displays the same amount of recent forum updates.  Would've liked it to feature more forum updates.  Also, maybe remove news articles from the forum updates as they can be found on the "News" section.
I.  I feel that community stuff should be displayed in the same way as the "other featured content" section (horizontal, center aligned), at the bottom of the page. 
J.  It's not good to have an empty space hanging about.  Makes the site look uneven.
Another bug.  The Giant Bomb "greeting" (shall we call it?) is unreadable at a user's blog (depending on the background image used).  Maybe a shaded border fix, like our control panel (the top right corner, with our name, XP, mail and followers)?
I'm not expecting Whiskey Media to change the design.  I just feel that the content mentioned above could've been done another way.

Sorry, I'm late to the party...

...but I got them now.  We're good.

Was (foolishly) waiting for a price drop on these games but I had a voucher and decided to use it.  I just ordered a Component cable for the Wii and will play these games when I get it (ETA: 2 days from today).

Japan Crisis

Been watching the news as this incident develops.  FUCK!  I want to help, physically.  Sitting here watching is frustrating!