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I know it's not a popular opinion among a lot of the Halo community, but Reach was actually my favorite when it came to multiplayer. Some of the Armor Abilities got a bad rep for being overpowered, but honestly I thought it was a great shake-up to a formula that had stayed the same for several iterations. Not to take anything away from Halo 2 or Halo 3. Those were great games. Arguably the best of their day. But by the time Reach came along, I was eager for something new, and it fit the bill. I think I actually played Reach's multiplayer more than 3 once it was all said and done. If you include FireFight hours, it definitely took top honors for me.

While I enjoyed all of the Chief's stories the most, I did like Reach's take on the campaign. I loved having my own version of Noble 6. It connected me to the story in a different way. I wasn't playing someone else's character, I was playing my own Spartan. It was a nice way to keep me engaged in the action. I also loved the option to pick my own armor and have it carry from single to multiplayer to Firefight.

Anyway, good review. It was nice getting nostalgic for this great entry in a series I so enjoy. Cheers! :)

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I didn't watch the video yet but I got really excited when I saw this because it's current;y free on Xbox One and I have never played a Forza game before, maybe this will get me into a new series!

If you like Racing games, you owe it to yourself to give Forza a try. I've been a fan since the first game on the original Xbox. Hope you dig it. :)

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@jjor64 said:

Seems like I should get around to this so called Middle Earth video game.

It's too late for that I'm afraid. If you play it now, with 2 GotY nods fresh in your brain, you're sure to be disappointed. Better to leave it to the aether. :P

Kidding aside, I really can't think of a game I had more fun with in 2014. After playing it on consoles(X1 if you're curious), I ended up getting a PC copy when I got a powerful new laptop for Christmas. So I've beaten it twice. Put in nearly 100 hours between the 2 different versions.

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Oh man, I would play a full console version of this from Netherrealm. As if my life depended on it.

I haven't really watched wrestling much since the early 00's when WWE bought WCW and everything got kinda stale almost overnight. But even still, I'd play a AAA version of this like it was a religion.

I start imagining what all my old nWo favorites might look like in this game. Kevin Nash as a half man half diesel truck. Scott Hall with razor blades all over him. And of course, Mr Ass. You can let your imagination handle that one without my intervention. :P

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This is the best threa:D in the history of Giant Bomb.


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Good list! :)

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@snowboarder75 said:

I wonder how many people that bought Destiny 1 are going to buy Destiny 2.

I'm honestly open to the idea of a Destiny 2, despite not enjoying the first one.

Here's why:

  • Even Bungie, who for my money has a pretty great track record, can screw up once. This is the first time in 12 years that they've let me down.
  • Destiny was a cross-platform game. I can see a scenario where it made sense to have a game that could look good on the new systems, but still run on the old. While that's a shitty thing to do, I can see how one could go into that with good intentions and see it go off the rails.
  • The foundation is set; Now that they've shipped the first game, they can build on it. The shooting was very fun in Destiny. Now, that's not enough. Not for me. But, now that the foundation is laid, I can see something better being built on top of that. Despite not liking what it is now, I could like something that adds more to the formula in meaningful ways.

Those are the first three that leap to mind. Now I do want to add that none of that is a given, and after a turd like Destiny I'm going to need to see something amazing in ads and hype vids to get me to give them another chance. I'll buy the next Halo based on the name alone, I won't buy the next Destiny unless it looks amazing from the first time I see it. And if I do get it, I can promise you that reviews and critiques will have to be out and favorable before I'd consider jumping back in. There will be no Destiny 2 midnight launch for me.

Honestly, it probably won't happen. It will probably be more of the same bland story and waiting while Dinkle-bot talks you through waiting for 2 minutes while you play Firefight... I mean, while you "defend". But, given the right set of circumstances and a major overhaul, I like to think I would be willing to give them another chance. If they earn it.

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Why didn't they put the best Halo game in? Reach is by far the best out of the series, and they didn't put it in. But this got me super nostalgic, could play into which console I get.

Not sure if you've heard or not, but they are considering an ODST and Reach collection next.

With this one, they've said they wanted to focus on Master Chief's journey so that's why there is no Reach or ODST (or Halo Wars, like anyone wants Halo Wars :P). With Halo 5: Guardians on the way next year, it makes sense to try and tickle that nostalgia gland us Halo fans have during this holiday season and get us salivating over Halo again with a package like this.

After the Master Chief Collection was announced, it seems that a lot of folks have been hitting up the makers of Halo asking this same question about Reach.

I know there are many among the Halo faithful who disliked Reach and the things it brought to the table, but I loved it. I liked the Armor Abilities, I really liked getting to build my own Spartan who stuck with me through every mode, and it had a strong story to boot. Plus, even though it wasn't perfect, there were so many great chaotic moments in the multiplayer that I ended up loving that aspect of the package as well. Usually I play mostly campaign and Firefight type modes and only dabble in the multiplayer, but with Reach I played it like crazy.

So after all the requests, Dan Ayoub says that they are looking at doing a Reach update as well now. Hopefully this will come to pass because I'd love it if they could get all the games playable on one console. Right now, at this moment, it's not a big deal to fire up the 360 if I want to play one of the older Halo games. But a year from now, maybe two, I probably won't even have the thing hooked up anymore. It'd be nice to see all the Halo games, all the Dead Rising games, maybe all the Fable games get collected using this kind of attention to detail that the Master Chief Collection has shown.

Anyway, good luck on picking a new console. I picked up both at launch last year, but the Xbox has gotten a lot more play than the PS4. It may not be the most powerful and that is a shame, but as of right now it's got more games that are more fun to play (at least for the kinds of games I like). That is always up for change though, especially with The Order on the way (fingers crossed on that one).

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@bgdiner said:

Hot damn does Halo 2: Anniversary look amazing. Definitely getting an Xbox One for this.

You won't regret it. :)

Been playing Halo 2 every possible minute since I picked this game up. The campaign stuff is amazing, and the multiplayer is as good as it ever was (though I've only played a small amount of multi so far, I will be spending more time there once the issues are patched).