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@zzombie13: What? SF4 and Marvel were both better on the 360.

Really? Okay I guess.

What about it was better exactly? I'm not challenging, just curious what it is that you preferred on the Xbox? I should probably point out that when I played INJUSTICE, MK or SF (and even SFxT), it was almost always vs mode with friends in the same room rather than online so that may be why we have a difference of opinion on the matter. MvC was never my game anyway, so I wouldn't know which version of that one was better. I'll take your word for it on that one.

I rarely prefer the Sony controller, but I just had an easier time using the Dual Shock D-Pad for fighters than the Xbox controller.

I was more talking about multiplatform releases, but yeah KI was fun enough. I mean I sucked at it, but it was fun. :)

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This probably doesn't bother me as much as it should. Fighters have been better on Sony platforms for a while, so that's where I usually buy them anyway. I like the Sony D-Pad better for fighters, I like the Xbox stick layout better for shooters, so that's how I buy my games, platform wise.

Sucks for people who only bought an Xbox I guess, but I wouldn't say Street Fighter is a deal breaker at this point.

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@giantlizardking said:

This year has been a back log heavy year for me.

This. I definitely played some of this year's releases, which is somewhat atypical of me since I rarely jump on board at launch, (kicking myself for Halo: MCC), but it was mostly a catch-up year for me. My game of the year list will be of games from any year. I played System Shock 2 for the first time this year!

I too spent much time with old favorites during the long summer game drought. Had a good time going through XCOM for the 11th time (not kidding). :)

@corevi said:

I just finished my GOTY list. It's not objective in the slightest and is just what I personally had the most fun with.

Groovy, I'll check it out.

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@corevi said:

You have a Wii U and haven't played Bayo 2? Do that before you call this a disappointing year because that single game makes up for everything. Transistor and Roundabout were also really great games that people overlooked.

Bayonetta was a fun game, but as I get older it's more and more difficult to play games that move at such a brisk pace, with such a focus on properly timing the combos. I end up just getting mad at my stupid fingers. Haven't decided if I'm going to give the sequel a chance to beat me up or not. Looks good though.

I did play Transistor and Roundabout though. Those were fun. Roundabout especially had that lovely silliness that I do so enjoy. :)

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I bought mine at launch. I never really felt mislead though. The price I pay for being informed on a product before dropping money on it.

Of course if I get the e-mail, I'd still take the $50 voucher. :D

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Holy crap that Drew Song was amazing. I watched a big chunk of that stream, but of course I missed that bit so this is the first time I've seen it. Thanks @zombiepie

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@generalbison: True! I forgot the sale was on!

Yeah i much prefer the Xbox controller, not sure i could hadnle the ps4 controller. I totally agree about the 'better graphics' becoming basically unnoticeable, the difference is barely thought about once you're deep in a game. They're almost parallel really but i think i may just aim for whichever has the cheapest deals. PS plus has some amazing games and Games with gold needs to catch up.

Regarding the PS4 controller: I hated the old Dual Shock design. The PS1, 2, and 3 always had great games, but using that controller dug into my palms and made them ache.

That being said, the PS4 has improved the controller design in every imaginable way save one; the sticks being side by side rather than offset. That's not a flaw though, just my personal preference. I like the Xbox design better for shooters and the PS4 is WAY better for fighting games. Both controllers have gotten their share of improvements though. The Xbox fixed it's laughable D-pad, the Sony was made far more comfortable to use.

I don't know if that helps you decide, and personally I've had way more fun with my Xbox. But I wouldn't let the PS4 controller put you off if you really want to go with Sony. Good luck deciding! :)

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Thanks @zombiepie!

Really hope you're feeling better! :)

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I picked Halo: Combat Evolved for your poll. But honestly, there's really no way to say which is the definitive best as each one has it's own merits.

I think Halo: Combat Evolved has the best campaign. It's lengthy, it tells a self contained story, and had some great moments that rank among my favorite in gaming.

Halo 2 had that great classic multiplayer that was pretty much perfect and it set the standard in its day.

Halo 3 had the best co-op I think. While I prefer the story in Halo 1, the wrap up in Halo 3 was great and all the added weaponry and equipment made for the absolute best co-op. Campaign Scoring and the Theater and Forge were great additions that added a whole new level to the ways we could have fun in a Halo game as well.

ODST has the best version of Firefight. The campaign was also very fun and I liked the characters.

Reach... well Reach was a game that many people seem to not have enjoyed the multiplayer. But I loved it. By the time Halo 3 came around, I was kinda getting tired of just the same old FFA, team deathmatch and Big Team Battle modes, and Reach had some great chaotic multiplayer that made it stand out for me. I would never say it's the best multiplayer, but I did really appreciate it. And I loved that Six was customizable. It was MY Spartan through the campaign, the co-op, the multiplayer, and the Firefight mode. That gave it an edge for me. Plus assassinations were awesome and the DMR was a game changer.

Halo 4... well Halo 4 kinda sucked for me. The campaign was weak. And while it was ambitious, the Spartan Ops was a poor substitute for Firefight. Also the multiplayer was fun but a bit too CoD for it's own good, and I hated the Prometheans. But I had fun playing the story co-op anyway, so I'm not calling it a total loss.

Bottom line: They are all great in their own way. Even Halo Wars has it's charms (though obviously it would have been better as a PC release).