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Every quote from that guy sounds like something the 80's Boneitis guy from Futurama might have said.

Is ATARI a Sheep? Or a Shark?

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@solh0und said:

If you pirated it,Batman Arkham Asylum locks gliding so when you get to the crucial moment where you need to glide, you die all the time.

That was one of my favorites.

I also enjoyed the Game Dev Tycoon one where piracy would kill your company in the game. And of course, the bitter irony of people who did pirate it asking if they could research DRM or something to the support staff.


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Man, I usually don't mind Samantha Allen's writing but that article was awful

Agreed. Many of the comments at the bottom shared the same sentiment.

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This is excellent news!

I loved the first Forza Horizon. I think it would have done better if they'd marketed it to a greater degree, but that is neither here nor there. Bottom line, I'm glad to see this series is living on.

Ideally I'd like to see Turn 10 keep a 3 years rotation on Forza proper, the other studio make a Forza Horizon on a 3 year schedule, and one year off in between installments. I don't think it should be a yearly franchise though. And Horizon and Motorsport are different enough that I wouldn't mind them being back to back so long as there's enough time in between.

Further, I hope they do better with the Auction House in Horizon. As much as I enjoyed Forza Motorsport 5, they really dropped the ball on that aspect. What was once a great seperate game unto itself was relegated to an afterthought.

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@gaff said:

I see that Vinny is following into the footsteps of his ancestors: Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Donatello, Raphael. Soon we'll have to add Caravella to the list of Italian Masters.

Also, wonderful representation of the existential rift between people and man's inhumanity towards man, and how to heal the wounds.

Will that mean a fifth turtle too?

Is that what Michael Bay has been doing all along? !!!

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@yummylee: Oh man, that was so fun! Thanks for posting that, I hadn't seen it before.

Oh man, I'm literally teary eyed from that. lmao.

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They are people I pay to entertain me. Nothing more.

I could never call someone a friend if they don't know my name. Friendship, as an institution, requires familiarity. It requires camaraderie. And friendship requires a two-way relationship. I'm no more friends with the owners of this site than I am friends with Barack Obama or Hulk Hogan. I supported both of those men in their various endeavors, but not because I wanted their friendship but because I believed in their cause or product.

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This is all starting to sound a lot like that old Max Headroom television show from the late 80s.

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I was wondering if anyone was having an issue I seem to be having. Or if you've, maybe, heard about it somewhere?

My "DAY ONE" controller that came packed in with the console seems a bit busted. It all looks fine, and it'll work a good amount of the time as well. But it keeps dropping connectivity. I've tried syncing, multiple times. But every time I think I got it to work properly, it'll then drop again.

I thought it might need to stay in the field of view for the Kinect or something. But I bought a second controller and it's working fine. I play at a weird angle from my television and the Kinect can still see me and the controller, I checked. And, as I said, the second controller I bought seems to work fine.

Anyone else? I love the controller itself. And I haven't found anything with a couple of Google searches. So I thought I'd ask and see if it was happening anywhere else before I got lost in a sea of Microsoft Help menus or phone calls. Maybe there's a fix or something?

Thanks. :)

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I've started in Nightmare. Being a long time Dead Rising fan, I can't imagine playing it on the easier option. At least not first. I keep dying though. lol.