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@zzombie13: They confirmed on Twitter that an Android version is in the works.

Oh cool, I guess I missed that. Thank you so much for letting me know. :)

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Well I'm a little bummed that FALLOUT SHELTER seems to be an iOS only game for now, but I can't say it's surprising. So far the range of tablets running Android is so different, it would probably be a lot more difficult to make an Android version.

All that said, I really hope it makes it's way to PC at some point. I'd like to try it out, but not enough to buy an iPad.

Other than that, I'm super excited to play Fallout 4 and Dishonored looked fantastic. I've never been the biggest Doom player, but I'll probably get this new one when it comes out. Looks pretty sweet. :)

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Wow, thanks. :)


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No split screen campaign is a deal breaker for me. There's currently a thread 45 pages deep on the Halo forums for any who would like to speak up about the issue. Also a Hashtag has popped up if you want to speak out about this.

#Halo5Splitscreen on the Twitters for anyone interested.

Of course we all know the only thing MS listens to these days. So here's my message to them:

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I'd like to enter this banner for the BETHESDA event. :)

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In my late 30s, I had to give up one of my favorite genres; Fighting Games. I just can't be competitive in any way anymore. Maybe if I had nothing else to do I could stay on par with people my own age, but as you get older the reaction times required to be really truly GOOD at Fighters starts to diminish. Arms and hands start to get achy and it's just too much if you want to play any of these games with any amount of proficiency.

As someone who played the first wave of 90s fighters and loved them, as someone who used to play in local tournaments and did reasonably well in many of them, I'm just not willing to go online and get called a "noob" by someone who was literally not even born when I started playing fighters.

I still play Mortal Kombat for the story mode and Challenge towers. But I rarely play it competitively unless I have a friend or two drop by to play one-on-one. I actually made a comic about this about 5 years ago (seen to the left).

I also don't seek out super challenging games anymore. I just don't have the patience to play a Souls game or Bloodborne. Though that didn't stop me from trying. I just don't have the mettle anymore. I get pissed off at myself for not being able to crush it like gamer-me of my youth and I end up more frustrated than having fun.

So now that I'm in my 40s, I tend to stick to known quantities. Batman's Arkham games, Shooters that I like (typically Halo), and some Nintendo games. I liked InFamous a lot but I never played the hardest setting. I'm sure to a lot of people that makes me "part of the problem", and that's a fair criticism. But with limited time to play, limited attention to give to any particular game, I tend to not go outside my comfort zone where 5 years ago I'd buy a game that just sounded fun and hope for the best. If it were lousy I'd just beat it and give it to a friend or trade it in.

I also find that I'm much less amused by GTA these days. I'm not saying it's an immature game or that I'm "too old" for it. I just feel like so much of it is stuff I've done before or things I just don't want to do. I don't want to make Michael play a Yoga minigame. Younger me would have appreciated the attention to detail and letting me have that many options. Current age me finds the idea of doing activities like this a waste of my precious time. Again, that's not a mark against the game. It's that I've got less time and attention that I'm willing to spend on it.

So yeah, getting older has had a huge impact on my hobby. I haven't given it up by any means, but I do much less competitive games and much less challenging games than I did as a youth.

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Usually when we're in a year with a new Halo game, that would take the top spot in the "Most anticipated" list from me.

But after playing the beta, after 4 being a bit of a let down, and after the disappointing Master Chief Collection, my faith in 343 has been shaken too much to let myself really hope for much from the next Halo. I'll still play it, I'll probably even like the story/co-op part of the game. But I don't want to hope for it, if you take my meaning.

So, with my old favorite in the doghouse, I move on to the tried and true Dark Knight. I'm hoping Arkham Knight will be great. All it has to do is match the quality of City or even Asylum and it'll be great. Even if it's just as good as the last Rocksteady Arkham game that will be enough. And with the new Batmobile aspect, I'm hoping it'll be even better than City.

So that's my pick for #1 game of 2015. Although that new Sid Meier's Starships game that just got announced looked really good too, so it has the potential to take me by surprise. :)

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I've been wanting a proper Friday the 13th game for ages. I hope this turns out well.

I must admit, I was more hoping for a single player Jason stealth game than a multiplayer affair, but I'll certainly give this one a chance.

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I bought a Kirby Amiibo. Because Kirby is my favorite Nintendo character. I hope they put Kirby in Mario Kart 8 at some point as a DLC.

Sunset Overdrive never managed to gel with me. I liked the aesthetic, I liked the whole pseudo-punk vibe, I really had no complaints about the game whatsoever. But for some reason, I could just never find my gameplay rythym in that game and I ended up not getting very far or playing very much of it.

I fully plan to give it another go in a couple of months. It was hurt by coming out when my anticipation for Master Chief Collection was at it's apex. Sure, it turned out to be a busted mess, but I didn't know that at the time. And I think it really hurt Sunset Overdrive's chances at ingratiating itself to me. I imagine I'll end up giving it another go during the summer games drought. You know, in between rounds of MKX... obviously.