Your handle on the WMD Forum

#1 Posted by LimpBishop (245 posts) -

I am not sure how many might be in there too - by the looks of this forum, it can't be many... I hope that will change over time, because this game - and the way they are making it - is just amazing.

My handle there; Ondmand

#2 Posted by Bollard (6417 posts) -

@LimpBishop: Bollard. Haven't done any posting though. Love how broken the AI is right now, try maxing out the NASCAR track with as many opponents as possible, and watch the hilarity ensue. Works for the go-kart track too ahaha.

#3 Posted by LimpBishop (245 posts) -

Yeah, good thing they still have ~1 year of development left so sort those kind of things out :D

Same with Bathurst, on of of the last turns, right after the big dip - always a pile of cars laying there

#4 Posted by Alchemy8905 (4 posts) -

I post on the WMD Forum frequently, and try and keep this wiki up to date as much as much. My name on there is David Fry.

The AI might be broken, but who needs AI when you have working multiplayer. :D

BTW funding just completed a few minutes ago.

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