microsofteagames's Project Gotham Racing 4 (Xbox 360) review

Is this the best PGR?

PGR 4 has come out in a bundle copy with SEGA Superstars Tennis on almost every Xbox now, it was around the time at Christmas it was most popular. Anyway, is this the best PGR to date? No it's not, it's a great game, but it doesn't beat PGR 3, PGR 4's graphics are amazing, and looking through all of the views is cool, and getting a motorbike for the first time!

But sometimes it feels like it should just be Project Gotham 4, Because there literally is no racing in it. This is because, most of the cars are incredibly slower than they look, and when you go ahead in a race, your going to stay there the whole time, so it's not really a race, your not competing against anyone. But i admit, some of the modes are more challenging than others, like the Cone challenges, and the kudos challenges, are by far the hardest. You go through 4 difficulties in the Gotham Career, Amauter Proffesional, and 2 others i cant remember, but the higher up the table you get, it seems still to be as easy as the last one, the only real difficulty, is winning all 3 majors, theyre very long tournaments, split into Quarter Semi and the Final.

Although most of the time when your playing, pretty much every single event is a championship, with either 3 or 4 events in it. The only time you dont do the championship, is when your doing Majors, or an invitational, which usually are quite long, Nurburgring for example, Your skidding on snow for 10 minutes.

Now onto the online, when your playing people, it feels just the same as the career, theres no real excitement, it's like you dont care whether you win or lose, thats if you can ever actually find someone online, which will take years nowadays.

To sum up PGR4 it can't beat PGR3 but it can be named as, the perfect racing experience for the XBOX 360


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