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In Project Hacker: Kakusei, you play as a hacker named Satoru. Both Satoru and his detective partner Rina are employed by the internet crime-fighting GIS. Although it was released in Japan in July of 2006, Nintendo has made no announcements yet about localizing the game for Western audiences.


  • Amatsubo Satoru (雨坪 サトル) - The game's protagonist. A university student who is very good at computers. When childhood friend Rina gets into any sort of trouble he will do anything to help out. Scouted by GIS for his ability to hack into government's computer system and stole government data.
  • Kokubo Rina (小久保リナ) - Satoru's childhood friend. Very mobilized and so is an assistant to Satoru in GIS. Brimming with curiousity. A very charming person so is friendly and admired by others easily. A mood maker around people. Does not like having nothing to do.
  • Misuzu Sekushi (瀬串ミスヅ) - The beautiful chief of GIS. Always calm and composed in analyzing the situation and able to make sound decisions. Trusted by her subordinates. Her surname "Sekushi" is a Japanese play-on-word on sexy.
  • Valdes (バルデス ) - Misuzu's bodyguard. One of the few members in GIS who is not very good at computers, but his fighting ability and physical strength more than makes up for it.
  • Minami Kei (南ケイ) - A high school student who has been scouted by GIS and currently working part-time in GIS analysis room. She possesses top class skills in writing programs and analysing skill.
  • Ookouchi Toshiki (大河内俊樹) - Belongs to the top level investigation team in the police headquarters. He is not very skilled at computers and all he is able to do is send emails (even that he doesn't do very much).
  • Blitz - Legendary hacker. Main rival of Satoru, who has been trying to trace the footprints of Blitz to hunt him down and arrest him, but so far has been unsuccessful. He possesses the ability to create the most sophisticated viruses and hacking tools that no one can match and break.


  • program#0 - Change the Life
  • program#1 - Young Blood
  • program#2 - Billionaire
  • program#3 - Encounter
  • program#4 - Return march

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