Best Fighting Game Ever?

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This game had it all...Crazy over the top charecters (and lots of them,) a wicked fighting system (3 on 3 with the team aid and interupts) and best of all, an absolutly awesome story.  To me the story blitzed a lot of story focused games, let alone other fighters, and no fighter has attempted a story like this before.  Maybe it's just childhood nostalgia but this remains my fave fighting game of all time (Dreamcast version) anyone else agree? 
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Oh I think it's definitely one of the finest, that's for sure. I agree about the story. The Japanese DC version is best, it's got this really awesome board game included.    

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Project Justice is good, but Melty Blood will always be my favorite.

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  No sir you are wrong this is the best fighting game ever.

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