Project X Zone: Early Impressions

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Project X Zone is a weird game. The last time I played a cross over game was on the DS with Jump Ultimate Stars I picked up in Best Buy. It was all in Japanese but it had some characters I liked from different animes all fighting against each other a la Super Smash Bros. I remember that being fun so I gave this new game a try.

Oh no! Not a dimensional vortex!

Project X Zone is a SRPG that combines characters from a whole bunch of different games into one. The story so far is bulging and filled with a lot of exposition. Characters talk to each other and greet new ones that show up to fight. It can be a lot of dialogue before, during, and after battles. One thing that keeps them interested is that some of the scenes have spoken dialogue in Japanese. It keeps things from dragging too much.

Just imagine all that text in English

The flow of battle begins each turn with moving a unit in range of an enemy then attacking. On the battle screen, you have the characters displayed on the top screen of the 3DS and your moves listed on the bottom. The combat at first seems button mashy because of all the action that is happening. However that is not the case. Just pressing the "A" button gives you a 6 to 7 second attack.

Timing the next attack will keep the enemy juggled up in the air. Your attacks build up your combo and keeps the damage going on the enemy. Which in turn fills your XP, or Cross Points, for special attacks. Not to be confused with your experience points you gain. It looks odd when you are spending your XP on attacks and counters. Don't worry, they're totally different bars.

While I do know some of the characters in the game, there are many more that I don't know in the game. It's good then that the game has a database for all its characters, good and bad, plus info of locations and organizations of the games. This is helpful when characters talk about their worlds and you have no clue what's going on.

Hey Arthur! Nice boxers

This game is all about the fan service. Story interactions, the special attacks and even some locations and music are from other games. Its all over the top and goofy. And I like.

My favorite character is Frank West (Dead Rising). He has his camera and has even managed to take some erotic pics for PP. He is teamed up with the lovable zombie Hsien-Ko (Darkstalkers) and getting support from a dude named Bruno (Dynamite Cop) who looks like Bruce Willis. It's all just nonsense. I'm about five hours in and just starting chapter 5. Some might not like the light strategy involved in the combat but it's enough to keep the game going crazy adventure through different worlds. Watch some gameplay videos and see if you would find this kind of game enjoyable. I did.

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