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I want to talk about this upcoming game because it really looks interesting. I actually have a few questions and stuff I wanna explain. I've heard that this game could be released outside of Japan and I really hope that it will. One of the biggest things that I want to talk about is if this game is going to be released in other places than Japan. Another thing is if there are going to be more new characters in the game or cameos. I think that a little bit of more characters in certain appearances would be cool like for Capcom, a few more Street Fighter characters like Cammy, Guile, Dhalsim, Zangief, and M. Bison (Dictator) would be cool along with Roll, Felicia, Lilith, Anakaris, Jin Saotome, and Wesker. For Namco, they could add in a few more Tekken characters like Lili Rochefort and King and maybe even Pacman would be decent. For Sega, they could add in Space Michael (Michael Jackson) since Ulala is actually in this game.

I don't know too many Sega characters outside of their mascot, Sonic. I know a little bit about Namco (Mainly Tekken). Capcom I know a lot about. So I wanna have your opinions of this game and if my ideas are good, bad, decent, etc. Overall though this game looks pretty cool and I would like to get it if it comes to the US.

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