Wii remake of Project Zero II coming to Europe.

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After what seems like an age of "will it, won't it?" Nintendo of Europe has confirmed that Project Zero 2: Wii Edition will come to Europe. 
Nintendo UK revealed the news through its new official Twitter account, also confirming that Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir will come to the continent in 2012.

Project Zero II is the scariest horror game I have ever played, so I'm extremely excited for this.
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After working on Fatal Frame 4: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse, producer Keisuke Kikuchi began thinking about adding a Wii style controls to other games in the series. Kikuchi chose Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly because the endings were memorable. Speaking in an Iwata Asks interview, Kikuchi said the Wii version will have additional endings, but they aren’t going to make a simple happy ending.
Fatal Frame: Crimson Butterfly is played with a third person camera on Wii. The team revised maps to make them scary from this viewpoint and added details to Mio and Mayu’s costumes since you’re seeing them from behind. Director Makoto Shibata said they even made the shoulder straps move when the characters run. 
A brand new feature for the Fatal Frame: Crimson Butterfly Wii-make is Haunted House mode, which Kikuchi says you should play with friends. There are several courses to explore, but events in the Haunted House mode are essentially random. You play this mode by holding down a button to walk and when you let go you stop. Players can look around by moving the remote. Similar to Ju-on: The Grudge you can scare your friends by using a second Wii remote to make ghosts appear or make the 1P remote shake.

I wonder how exactly they're changing the maps. The preset camera angles played such a big part in making the original version scary, and I'm not sure it's even possible to have the game be as scary with an over-the-shoulder perspective.

Haunted House mode just sounds silly as shit.
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Hah, it's funny cause I just listened to Trick talk about it on the bombcast a few hours ago...

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If Nintendo doesn't bring this to the U.S., I will be sad. Fatal Frame II is one of the scariest games I've ever played.

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Us Europe guys seem to be the favourite child of Nintendo.

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Hope this comes to the US.

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Fatal Frame 2 was terrifying, though it has Resident Evil puzzle syndrome something terrible. I already own the PS2 version and it's not like the Wii will offer a massive upgrade in terms of graphical quality or precise control, so I'll probably not get this. It'd be a fine place to try the game for the first time though, and I'd recommend you all buy it simply because it might convince certain people to localize the fourth game. I'm all about the ulterior motives.

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Trailer with British voice acting:

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More Fatal Frame is a good thing as far as I'm concerned.

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Game is great and I recommend it to anyone owning Wii ( if I remember correctly the console is not region locked).

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Anyone here played Fatal Frame 4 and has an opinion of which is better? Recently been playing FF4 with a buddy and we both feel it's got a bit stale after four chapters or so. INCREDIBLY scary, but starting to feel monotonous. If FF2 is considered the better game, I'd love to try it, though. Struggled to find many comparisons online due to FF4 not being widely available outside of Japan.

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