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There have been a lot of questions regarding what’s happening with Steam. We are not going on the Steam store. It will not be possible to purchase Project Zomboid on Steam for the foreseeable future, and no agreement has been made to do so in the future. We’d love to be on the Steam store, for obvious reasons. But we’re a bit early on for that kinda thing.

Instead they are letting us use their servers, their library, their update system, their DRM (no more logon boxes!) but we will not appear in any form on the store and the game will only be able to appear on your Steam library via redeem codes.

So to go through each issue that’s been raised in comments / tweets / forum posts:

1) When we are on Steam (just as in using their servers and DRM and library via redeem codes) we plan to allow you to transfer from Desura to Steam. The details of how this will take place are not clear at the moment, but there is nothing stopping us from being able to do this.

2) If you’re waiting to purchase the game until it’s on Steam, you could be looking at a year, perhaps more. Perhaps it’ll never be on the Steam store. We just don’t know. I’d like to think we will be, though.

3) Now the update is out (barring a few fixes and optimizations that need sorting when our brains work again) we can go full gear into getting onto Steam. There are a few things we need to do, a bit of PHP programming and whatnot to handle the codes, that we just couldn’t find the time to do while working on the update. So hopefully we’ll have Steam support very soon. However you won’t be able to buy any other way but Desura and Google Checkout for a good while, and both these paths can lead to Steam codes, so if you want the game, don’t let waiting for that stop you.

4) I should add for clarity, that you don’t actually need to go to Desura to ultimately get a Steam code, though the benefits of using Desura (like having auto-updating) that you’re after in Steam in the first place should be the reasons you decide to use it (also, to be honest, it makes our lives 1000x easier and Scott has done some awesome things for our game and other alphadonationware indie titles with the service). The route from Desura to Steam is through our own user database. Desura will offer a way for you to register on our servers and get a PZ username / password to your e-mail, and it’s once you’re in our database we’ll be able to assign you a Steam code.

Obviously it’s up to you where you purchase from, but we will say that if you’re easy either way, going with Desura is our preferred choice. Firstly we feel they more than deserve their cut and our support for being so accommodating to our game on their service, secondly they cut down severely on the amount of administrative stuff we need to deal with and thirdly, it’s a lot easier to update the version there and lastly it keeps us once removed from the terrors of online merchants Obviously at the moment Linux and Mac users are not able to use it, but once we’re on Steam and Desura releases on Linux, we should have a distribution platform for each and every platform.

Thank you!

Indie Stone

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Pirates, gang rape server, demo pulled, fanboys pissed, steam allow them to host their game on their server. Awesome gesture imo. sorry for the fubar.
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Hearts work in thread titles? Aww this is not good. Not good at all.

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 Pirates, gang rape server, demo pulled, fanboys pissed

Woah now, I feel I'm missing a big part of the picture here.
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Well good for them. Steam is pretty great for indie titles. Zomboid has always been pretty interesting but their update schedule has been so poor it's hard to warrant a purchase right now. If they're getting their act together maybe I'll look into it.

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zomboid is pretty great. can't wait to see how things unfold.

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I like steam because when I throw a pipe through someone and into a tank of steam so steam is blowing out the other end of the pipe I can say, "Let off some steam Bennett."

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@TheHT said:

Pirates, gang rape server, demo pulled, fanboys pissed

Woah now, I feel I'm missing a big part of the picture here.

People hacked the developer's private server so that they could leech off the paid users by synching updates for their pirated copies of Project Zomboid from the dev's own server. (Pirates)

So the devs had to pay all the bandwith costs for every pirated user everytime the game was updated. (Gang Rape)

The demo was temporarily delayed because of it. (Demo pulled)

And people (Like me) who had bought the game before the devs were forced to take it down, were unhappy. (Fanboys pissed)

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@Mikemcn: Oh wow. That is an awesome gesture by Steam then. Hope things work out for them.
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@Rufi91 said:

Hearts work in thread titles? Aww this is not good. Not good at all.

Aw dude, you don't have to worry none. What you got to worry about is when people find out that hitting Alt-3 is all it takes to make these little things ♥♥♥
@Mikemcn: (Thank you)

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