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In God of War II Prometheus is chained in the Lair of Typhon, and after Kratos finds him, he tells the story of how he became imprisoned there. After this Prometheus begs Kratos to release him of his long torment. Kratos agreeds, and after obtaining the Typhon's Bane, Kratos holds true to his word, releases Prometheus, and the titan dies in the Fires of Olympus. With his death, Kratos gains the Rage of the Titans.

Prometheus also makes some smaller appearances in other games, for example he appears as a persona in the Shin Megami Tensei games, and a card in Lord of Vermilion II. Bioshock, which took a number of cues from greek mythology also includes an area called Point Prometheus, and a turret can be found in Portal 2 which compares the Portal games to greek mythology and puts GLaDOS in the role of Prometheus.

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