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ProtoMasons is a freewill construction game with life simulator elements, designed for multi-player. It was announced in July 2014 in the form of a Steam Greenlight page, and later 'greenlit' for release in January 2015.

The game is based in an Earth-like, 2D side-scroller world. The player controls a human 'Protomason', a fictional "multi-purpose engineer". There is no storyline or predefined goal, except to survive and create.


Players constructing buildings, manufacture products, and assemble materials. A player must also keep their character healthy, by satisfying day-to-day needs (such as hunger and thirst) and combating illnesses.

Development and Future Release

ProtoMasons has been in development by independent game developer Octomelon since late 2013. It will be released for Mac OS X and Windows.

ProtoMasons was approved for release on Steam, after being 'greenlit' through the Steam Greenlight programme. The developer aims for a release date during 2015, according to posts on the page.

A log of development has been updated on the TIGSource Forums by the developer.

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