E3 2011: Prototype 2 Trailer

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This should be good ... Prototype had some great elements but didn't feel complete. Hopefully it will look a little prettier as well.

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In 2012 Sh*t is going down.

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loved the first one 

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Nice, enjoyed the first one.

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So if Mercer was a black guy... 

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Hoodie on hoodie violence

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I still need to play Protoype...

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Intrigued, I hope it's more open world than the first one.

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Looks like you can destroy a lot of stuff, so I'm in. Just hope it doesn't get as repetitive as the first.

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We have to go...deeper.

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@XlxLionhearTxlX said:

Intrigued, I hope it's more open world than its the first one.

What do you mean? The first one was completely open world.

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Inceptiontype 2. 

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Isn't this trailer exactly the same as the previous one?

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Cant wait! The first one was fantastic!

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Wrong trailer, this is the first one.

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Looks cool. I liked the first one.

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@M3RPHY said:


We have to go...deeper.

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using the inception/battlefield horns? always appropriate
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@Sharbok said:

using the inception/battlefield horns? always appropriate


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Hopefully they'll make the side missions a bit more.. meaningful.

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Looks pretty rad. Too bad it isn't until 2012. :/

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I don't really care. I thought the first one was okay. I didn't bother playing Infamous for the longest time, because I wasn't very impressed with Prototype and didn't see much point in playing "more of it". After having played Infamous, I concluded that despite them having almost the same story and almost the same characters and almost the same gameplay, Infamous is the superior game. Infamous 2 doesn't even look like it and Prototype belong in the same generation of videogames. And it plays better, while Prototype just felt empty and flat.

I don't feel compelled to play Prototype 2 at the moment, but after playing Infamous a few weeks ago, I can't wait for the sequel to arrive, tomorrow. I doubt I'll feel the same excitement when Prototype 2 came.

The problem with being so similar (and coming out at the same time) is that you have to be even better than the competition to overcome the "meh" the similarities inspire.

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I hope they make this one good this time.

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But can I elbow drop tanks?

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Looks promising. Never got to play the first one, should I bother?

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@XlxLionhearTxlX:  are you thinking of the right game?
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Trailers sure do love that Inception sound these days

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Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice :)

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@Robopengy said:

Trailers sure do love that Inception sound these days

Its OK if you can get it cheap.  Nothing groundbreaking, but its alright.
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This is the same trailer they showed last year at the VGA :\. Was hoping for something new.

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Had a good time with the first. Looking forward to this.

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Not impressed with the look of this game. Then again, I didn't care for the first one either.

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There must be an entire horn section devoted to make BWOOOOONG sounds for trailers these days. Man that must be a kickass job.

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I got next to nothing out of this. That said, I still want it. Loved moving through the environment in the first Prototype.

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This is the EXACT same trailer for almost one fucking year ago. It's nice to know that developers and publishers are too lazy to even fucking put together new trailers any more, makes me want to not play the damn game.

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I liked the first one, but this looks prettier and faster paced. Can't wait!

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That Red Zone could use some napalm.

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Am I litterly one of the few who knows that they uploaded a 3 month old trailer instead of the new E3 one?
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Good I hope you do get to rip Mercer from limb to limb. He sucked along with the first Prototype. 

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@zapato2 said:

Am I litterly one of the few who knows that they uploaded a 3 month old trailer instead of the new E3 one?

You're not on your own dude. I noticed it too.

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seems like a pretty cool set up

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It just doesn't look different enough for me to buy again. We'll see when the quicklook hits though.

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2012... NOOO! that too far away lol. Cant wait for it to come out

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Hmm, Carnage is dead already.

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