Hunting is the most infuriating mechanic in this game.

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I am enjoying Prototype 2 so far but one thing is annoying me to no end........... Hunting, it's tedious and time consuming and the "instructions" on how to do it are pretty vague and aren't very helpful. I am currently stuck on a mission because of this, can anyone one this board who has figured out hunting help me out on this please.

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@GeoffPeterson1:The instructions were very clear and there was a tutorial you may or may not have been paying attention to, the latter of which I suspect. Just click the left stick, it shows where the person is be sending a visual pulse from the direction the target is in and for better view go to a high point.

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@dragonboss: You are not wrong. I figured it out a few hours ago how to properly do it, boy do I feel silly.

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Had problems with this too for ages. Eventually figured it out, but was very frustrated for about the first third of the game. Probably missed the tutorial, but as the story and dialogue was so bad, was only half concentrating on things being said. Continue to have trouble with the glide on right trigger button though, not sure if it's just my 360 controller getting old or me but have failed so many time trial missions because of this.

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I... I... I'm not sure I can take this seriously....

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