No Driving Cars in Prototype

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While you can consume people to learn how to drive a tank or pilot a helicopter, I have always found it odd that in prototype you can't hijack a car and drive it around just for kicks, I know you can run faster than the cars that are driving around but it'd be interesting to drive full speed into a base then jump out and use the car as a projectile to cause mayhem.

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Sounds a little useless. Especially since you can throw it for far greater effect....

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Driving a car in Prototype would suck that's why you can't do it.

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What I really miss is being able to throw helicopter husks.
Destrying helicopters with other helicopters, life didn't get much better then that in Prototype 1.

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@laserbolts said:

Driving a car in Prototype would suck that's why you can't do it.

This. Yes.

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