Should the game be sillier?

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I really enjoyed the original game for its gameplay and this sequel looks the same confirmed as much with the Joystiq review and a lot of trailers I have seen up to its release. I was thinking, should this game forgo all the serious and brooding attitude in favour of something more like GodHand? In the first game you could do completely dumb stuff like grab a guy, run up the tallest building then body slam him into the ground. There was no logical reason for it, it was just fun and satisfying to do so if the gameplay is so silly and doesn't take itself so seriously, why does the story?

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Dude, I'm right there with you. My perfect game would totally be a combination of the over the top super powers of Prototype with the overall wackyness of Saints Row the Third.

How awesome would that be?

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I want everything to be more like God Hand.

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I don't know if I want the OTT wackiness of SR series, but Prototype's story is grim to the point of satire. P2 looks more of the same, w/ Heller saying 'fuck' seemingly every five seconds in his, dun dun duuuun, QUEST FOR REVENGE. Maybe dial down the seriousness a shade, but whatever. I did not play P1 for the story, same goes for the sequel.

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@TLKnight: Oh man, I didn't even think of SR:TT, that would be awesome. I just think the game would be more appealing to me personally if your dumb actions were backed by an equally silly story. The first game gave you so many abilities yet the main game, side-missions and story didn't even take advantage of. There's even a part in the first game where your powers are taken away from you due to a story plot line. Oh yea that's always fun :/

The stealth mechanic also returns from the first game and that was one aspect I really disliked. It is cool to be able to transform into these people but I feel like it slows the game down too much when 90% of your actions are fast and loose like running up a building with a helicopter shooting missiles at you then you sling your way to the helicopter, wreck that shit then fly down to the ground then slice dozens of army guys in half and punch a 2 ton monster in the face with your rock fists.

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@mrcraggle: The stealth stuff is lame, I agree. I'd be down w/ the wackiness of a game like Just Cause 2, with a plot more in line w/ a bad 80s action movie than the grim (but generic) revenge fantasy stuff that probably does take itself too seriously. The game should basically never slow down, much like JC2 never did.

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It would have gone a long way for me.

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I think the answer to your question is they are not very good at telling a story.

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I think P2 has some good humor in it for a videogame. I enjoyed the absurd outburst at the computer, and I continue to enjoy key bits of Heller's asshattery. Overall the writing is better this go around IMO

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I don't think so. Silly only works if it's done well like Saint's Row the Third, otherwise you end up with something like Just Cause 2 (which is a fantastic game but with an absolutely horrible story.)

Plus, this is a sequel and the first game was serious. It would probably turn a lot of people off if the game went in a completely different direction.

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I think so, a game like Prototype tries too hard to be serious and ends up looking goofy and stupid anyway, shit this happens with most games. More games should explore their more idiotic facets.

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You could say that about a lot  of recent games. 
They don't all have to be as silly as SR but adding in some humor every once in a while wouldn't hurt.

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Well Prototype 2 is pretty silly... Wait? It is meant to be serious? No. Yes? Really? Oh...

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Well I don't think it has to be be OTT humorous or try to out do SR:TT in the crazy but I'm more put off but its incredibly serious tone and adding fuck to every line just comes off as being stupid. I just find the ridiculous actions conflict with the serious tone of the game. I felt inFamous did a better job at striking a balance between the powers you had with the world and the story it told and overall style but Prototype just gives you an overwhelming number of abilities that just running around and doing crazy stupid shit is fun in itself.

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I do think you maybe onto something. They went to great strides to make the world seem realistic which makes the fake gamey parts stick out more. If they went more cartoony with the presentation it might have helped integrate those quirks into the game or at least not make them so obvious.

Going "serious" made Prototype 2 look kind of silly so why not just embrace the silliness?

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My problem with Prototype has always been that it's ridiculous to even pretend you're the good guy when you go around murdering innocents without a second glance constantly, with zero repercussions.

edit: Forgot to answer the question. Yeah, I think playing it off B movie style would definitely improve things.

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