Walmart Prototype 2 promo

#1 Posted by TLKnight (26 posts) -

I purchased Prototype 2 today from Walmart today because it came with a digital copy of the first game. However I haven't been able to get the code to work yet. Is anyone else having a problem like this?

#2 Posted by Demoskinos (15152 posts) -

PSN code? Cause you might need to wait for the store to update? I dunno.

#3 Posted by TLKnight (26 posts) -

Its a outside code that you enter at

#4 Posted by TLKnight (26 posts) -

No worries, contacted Activision and they gave me a new code. Totally works now

#5 Posted by N7 (3667 posts) -

So... Um... What're you gonna do with that other code...

#6 Posted by TLKnight (26 posts) -

Already gave it to my bro. Sorry internet bro

#7 Posted by N7 (3667 posts) -

All is forgiven internet bro :)

#8 Posted by killalake79 (2 posts) -

@TLKnight: how do u do the promo code

#9 Posted by TLKnight (26 posts) -

If the game was purchased at WalMart this a code slip inside the case. You enter that code into and it spits out a new code for the psn or xbl depending on which system you bought it for. There are detailed instructions on the back of the slip. Hope that helps

#10 Posted by killalake79 (2 posts) -

@TLKnight: i feel like a dum ass where do u enter it at

#11 Posted by dustinf478 (2 posts) -

were do u enter the code at

#12 Posted by dustinf478 (2 posts) -

were do u ebter the code at

#13 Posted by SomeDeliCook (2341 posts) -

@killalake79 said:

@TLKnight: i feel like a dum ass where do u enter it at

@dustinf478 said:

were do u ebter the code at

#14 Posted by TLKnight (26 posts) -

@SomeDeliCook: You are a rockstar :D

#15 Posted by SomeDeliCook (2341 posts) -

@TLKnight said:

@SomeDeliCook: You are a rockstar :D

People just don't want to read man

#16 Posted by Zean82 (1 posts) -

I signed up just to post this. I figured out what was messing mine up.

To fix issues with code input:

1. Check the font type on the code card. Letters are shorter then numbers. So the smaller "0" is actually a Capital letter "O"

2. When typing the code in, have your caps lock ON. The entry bar displays everything in caps, but does distinguish the two separately.

The caps lock was what finally made mine work. Spread the word.

#17 Posted by WiteNoiz (1 posts) -

@zean82: Just wanted to say thanks, your advice got it to work, long after the "expiration date." Hopefully if anybody else comes across this problem, they can stumble across this website. Prototype has no official support anymore, nor does Activision.

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